VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Interviewed for FX UK – Part 3

February 11, 2010 by  

In the third installment of Alexander Skarsgard’s interview with, Alexander discusses what viewers can  expected when season 2 of True Blood returns on FX and FX HD in the UK on Friday, February 26th.

Alex explains how the writing on True Blood is just phenomenal. He describes the writing as “over the top, wild, sexy, funny, scary,” but he also feels that viewers can identify with the humans, vampires, and shapeshifters on the show.

Alex also feels that the show helps people understand what people go through in today’s society, “dealing with alienation, trying to fit in, and prejudice.”

Alex says that because season 1 set the foundation for this vast array of characters, season 2 was able to dive right into the action and get crazy real quick. Well UK fans will be able to experience all the craziness of season 2 very soon on FX!