VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Interview On Swedish Media

November 16, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-Swedish-InterviewAlexander Skarsgard was interviewed on the Swedish network SvD where he conducted his video interview in Swedish however, Riita from was wonderful enough to translate the interview. Now the video that is on YouTube sounds a little garbled but you can go to the original website if you want to hear Alex‘s voice clearly.

Many thanks to Riita for the translation:

Alexander:  I play Stefan in Metropia. He’s the inner voice of the main
character. I recorded my parts 2 years ago and nothing was really
ready at that time. My dad came in two months later and did his part.
It was fantastic to watch the finished result. Its amazing how well
it worked out despite us not being in the same room.

Reporter: Soon filming will start of season 3 of True Blood, a
tremendous success. Please explain the fascination with vampires

Alex:  I think what attracts people is their experience and the knowledge
they have. He has been alive for 1000 years, just think about what he
might have experienced and all his memories. He’s also an animal who
can flip out and harm you. That danger is what attracts people.

Reporter: What is the difference of being an actor in Hollywood versus Sweden?

Alex:  There’s not much that is different in front of the camera. It’s all
about the chemistry between the actors and the rest of the crew. It’s
what surrounds me which is different. It’s a circus which makes me
feel uncomfortable and I find it corny. When a publicist has to tell
the stylist and the photographer that I don’t like wine-colored pants
when I’m right there in the room with them. I’d rather go alone and
I’m not afraid to tell people when I’m not comfortable with something.


  • pbartteacher

    Alexander looked absolutely wonderful in this interview. So tan and relaxed in his native Sweden. Rest up, shooting for season three to start next week.

    Thanks for the wonderful article and video, Ollie. The rest of the photos from this photo shoot by Henrik Montgomery are awesome too. 193 days until our v-ddiction continues. Go True Blood. Go Alexander Skarsgard.

  • missyella

    Don’t understand a word, but just watching him them them is always a pleasure…………………..

    • missyella

      Should have read, don’t understand a word, but just watching him say them, is always a pleasure…..

      The perils of not checking, before you click on submit…. lol

  • Supe

    just great…as always^^