VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Interviewed for FX UK -Part 1

February 7, 2010 by  

Considering how impatient many of us are becoming while we wait for Season 3 of True Blood to start, any little tidbit of information we’re given can help, as can any interview with a member of the cast. Today, we’ve found an interview Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) did for the promotion of Season 2 of True Blood in the UK.

After the opening credits, Alex talks about True Blood and what he likes about it, specifically how great the writing on the show is, even while being a little over the top, which doesn’t take away from the strength of the dialogue. He also loves how viewers can identify with any of the characters, regardless of whether they’re human, vampire, shifters, or anything else. (Is there anyone out there who hasn’t felt like they have something in common with practically every character, regardless of designation?)

Another comment Alex made was about how easily one can draw parallels between True Blood and the real world, especially when it comes to minorities fighting for rights (vampires can represent any minority group), dealing with alienation, and trying to fit in. Everyone has experienced those issues in their lives to some degree, and it allows us to gain a deeper connection with the characters we all love.

Alex also loves the subtlety of the writing, since even though the show has a message it’s trying to send out, the message isn’t being shoved at you, and you aren’t forced to accept it, since True Blood‘s focus is providing an hour of entertainment. Of course, if you do take something from the show, that’s great too!

After a quick clip break, Alex talked a little bit about Season 2, and what True Blood watchers in the UK can expect. Alex discussed how Season 2 was able to open up with crazy things already happening to the characters because Season 1 had already introduced the main players, and now fans had an idea of what was going on.

The interview closed with another set of clips from Season 2 of True Blood. This was a really great interview to watch, and Alex looked gorgeous as always in it.

SOURCE: Sky Entertainment

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