VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Talks About His New Found Fame

March 2, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgard sat down with Showbiz 411 on ITN and discusses how he is dealing with his new found fame as a result of his portrayal of vampire Eric Northman in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True BloodAlex does mention in the video that people have come up to him and have asked him to bite them in the U.S. but not in the UK.  The main reason he feels is that many people still don’t recognize him in the UK due to his long wig in season one and he was only in a few episodes.  When asked how he feels to be a sex symbol he says he is flattered, however that is not his goal when choosing roles.  He goes into detail regarding this as you will see in the video.  A very interesting interview that provides some insight into Alex.

  • Nia

    That was a really nice interview!
    I like the little beard going on there. It suits him!
    It is cute how he is speechless when called a sex symbol!
    To sweet!
    Hey yeah, cute eyebrow!

    • jaxx

      Nia, That scene with Eric was one of my favorites, when he went to Pam and said “I said I was sorry Pam”. LOL moment.

      • pbt

        Hey Jaxx. I agree. Very humorous scene. I think its our fav because its like Eric from the you know where. It shows his humorous side that we have only seen glimpses of.

        I am hoping we see more of the Pam and Eric humor this season. With Kristin Bauer’s being made a full character this season,I can’t wait to see some more scenes with the two of them. Pam is always good for an eye roll or two. And with Eric becoming more enchanted with Ms. Stackhouse, I am sure Pam will have plenty to say to Eric about his interest in her.

        Loleaf, I believe that AB did misjudge Godric and Lafayette’s characters. Luckily, Alan Ball realized about Lafayette before it was too late. Unfortunately, Godric’s death was needed for the Viking plot line but it will be nice to see him return in a flashback this year. I am sure if True Blood is using Godric again it will be an important moment in Eric’s story.

        • jaxx

          Pbt, Loleaf, Nia: Yes Pam and Eric humor is the best. Ying and Yang. That’s what I enjoyed from the books. I also hope we see more of their humor this year.

          You are right about Godric but I’m glad AB will bring him back in flashbacks. He could do flashbacks every year since there is 1,000 years of history between them. That could be quite interesting, from Viking days to present. Lots of possibilities there.

          Are we at 100 days yet?!!!

          • pbt

            Yes, you are right so many possible flashback scenarios. 99 days and counting! We are on the other side of the hill finally. Wohooo, True Blood here we come! 🙂

      • Nia

        I know Jaxx!!
        I thought he was wonderful. He sounded like a little boy who got caught doing something bad and was being chided. He plays that so well, and makes it very funny!
        Like I always said he has that bad boy charm thats maddening and endearing, sometimes simultaneously.

  • Louise

    Awwww! His reaction to being called a sex symbol! Lovin the eyebrow. C’mon season 3!!!

  • jaxx

    He truly makes we quiver. Such modesty. You could just take his face between your two hands and kiss him. I think I’m the only one that misses that blonde wig. Just seemed more like a viking to me. lol. Oh well, I’ll take him any way I can get him. 🙂

    • pbt

      No, I miss the long blond hair. I would agree it fit the Viking character better. But personally I always felt that it was a really bad wig. I agree that he is just so hott.

      • Loleaf

        Yes jaxx I agree with you… I also liked the wig, it gave him the true viking warrior look!! Pbt is right about it being a bad one, I’m surprised they couldn’t come up with a better wig for him. Oh well we’ll take him either way!! LOL! He could have just one hair on his head, then do that eye thing and smile that gorgeous smile of his, and we wouldn’t pay one bit of attention to anything else!! Don’t you guys agree? 😉

        “TEAM TRUE BLOOD” 🙂

        • pbt

          It wouldn’t matter to Loleaf. You are absolutely right. Give me my Viking in a dirty animal pelt, ten day old dirty hair and blood spattered face and he is still hot. “Where I am, there will always be women.” Loved that line in Season Two and oh so true. True Blood that is.

          102 days until Season Three!

          • jaxx

            I agree ladies. I liked him in the flashback when he had the animal skin on and his hair was all dirty. He looked soooo sexy there. You’d think with all the money HBO has, they could have gotten him a better wig. lol. Well, more flashbacks mean more long haired Eric shot. (And hopefully more skin too) YAY. 🙂

          • pbt

            I agree, Jaxx. More Eric Northman flashbacks from ancient Sweden. Yummy for sure. Long hair, that wonderful Swedish accent and lots and lots of skin please. Mr. Skarsgard its time for your closeup.

            If we are lucky, perhaps Godric/Allan Hyde will be included too. Season Three flashbacks could play into the whole revenge aspect of the plot line. Can’t wait to see. They are always so well done.

          • jaxx

            I’m sure with Eric flashbacks we’ll see Godric. That should be great. And now they’re going back to Eric’s family. Should be fun. I wonder what surprises will await.

          • pbt

            Yes, King and Queen Northman. LOL. King Ulfrick and Queen. I hope we will see these flashback propel our Viking forward in his character development. I will be interested to see if his mother the Queen will be feisty like our Sookie. 🙂

          • Loleaf

            I agree with your guys!! They got rid of Godric way to fast, AB probably didn’t expect his character to be so well liked. But, now that I think of it how could he not have taken one look at him and not known that we would fall for him, after all he was Eric’s maker, need I say more!! I’m sure there will be plenty of flashbacks with him and Eric coming up…at least I’m crossing my fingers for it. But I have a feeling we won’t be disappointed!! 😉

  • pbt

    Thank you Ollie. Absolutely adorable through and through. The eyebrow is just too much. And we thought Skargoodness couldn’t get any better. Our Swexy Swede is Eric Northman!

    103 days until Season Three of True Blood. Woohoo!

  • Loleaf

    WOO!!! That eyebrow thing makes me quiver every time he does it!!! 😉 I had to pause the interview in order to regain my composure…LOL!! 🙂 “THANK YOU OLLIE!!!”

  • Leanne

    You know, he’s just adorable. I really like the beard on him.

  • Barbara E.

    In this interview … he’s shy, he’s speechless, and he practices his “Eric eyebrow” often! LOL He liked the wig?? UGH! hehehe

  • Karen

    Oh. My. God. I think I just fell a little more in love with him.