VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard in PUSS

July 9, 2010 by  

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard stars in the Swedish comedy movie “PUSS” (Trust Me) which now has a new Facebook page and Twitter account, so fans can keep up with the latest information regarding the film.  “PUSS” is directed by Johan Kling and also stars Alex‘s brother Gustaf, which is scheduled to be released August 2010.  Here is the trailer for the film with English subtitles.

  • pbt

    This was such a great trailer. It already has me wondering who has been shot and why. I agree Jaxx that I am not always into reading subtitles but would always make the exception for Alexander.

    I agree that his brother Gustav is looking mighty dark and mysterious himself. Another must see though probably will happen on DVD for me. Small town NYS is not going to be bring a foreign Swedish film with subtitles here any time soon. LOL.

    BTW less than 12 hours until True Blood. The long wait is over. Yeah!

  • Nia

    Alex looks so cute!
    I love his emo hair style.
    Looks like a fun movie.

    Congratulations Alex.

  • jaxx

    Even though I hate subtitles, I’ll definitely have to check this one out, and check out his brother too. Thanks Ollie.