Video: Alexander Skarsgard Talks Eric, Vampires and Fangs

October 27, 2010 by  

Answering Questions From Fans

Alexander Skarsgard as True Blood Vampire Eric NorthmanHBO recently sat down with Alexander Skarsgard in London asking him a few fangastic questions submitted by fans. Skarsgard dished on fun things such as, his favorite True Blood scene, who would play him in a movie about his life, and if he’s always wanted to portray a vampire.

When asked the biggest difference between himself and Eric he answered:

“He can be quite ruthless. I don’t know I’m…I hope I’m not that ruthless”

A fan also asked how he kept his fangs in. Skarsgard replied:

“They do a great job! They’re pretty good those fangs, you just *click*click* You don’t have to worry about it.”

And for those who have wondered what role he’d like to play on True Blood besides Eric, you now have an answer! Without hesitation he answered, “Pam” with a smirk.

Be sure to watch the full video below and tell us what burning questions you would love to ask!

Source: Youtube– Alex Skarsgard Fangbangers Questions in London

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • D. Reilly

    I am a ‘devoted’ fan. and I see Alexander as a “growing” talent ! As “ERIC” on True Blood, you ‘master ‘a tremendous range of expression. Do you feel that Alan Ball gives your character ‘enough’ range, and development ??? In novels, “ERIC” is a bit more, ‘colorful’, and more ..inter-active with Sookie.Would you like some ‘different’ take on your character ?

  • miles hilario

    i really don’t know what to say… It’s hard to find the right words in how i love and appreciate my Alex…. he is so hot!!! So sexy… I wish to meet him someday in person… i know its impossible cause i’m from phillipines, just hoping maybe i get the chance to meet him….

  • val

    AMEN TO THAT-no wonder he plays a vampire-no human man could BE that smokin hot!!!!

  • OMG! He is so georgous! I can’t get enough of this video. We hardly see him smile in pix these days….Love it! In my opinion, the viking scenes were too dark and not enough personality. I prefer the scenes where he is in a playful mood and showing off his power!

  • jaxx

    This man just makes me melt. His eyes, his smile, his velvet smooth voice. I so hope Kate Bosworth knows she has what a lot of women want. Be good to him Kate!!! And, yes, more viking flashbacks please. I love him as the long haired viking. And, makeup department: spend a few bucks and get him a decent wig for S4. lol.

  • AmaZen

    This man is such a gifted actor! A question I would ask him is, what is the most challenging role you can imagine, why, and would you want it?

  • ~ Caitlin

    I liked the interview. Man does he look handsome with a tan. He was blessed with wonderful genes. I also really enjoyed the Viking stuff as well and the Swedish adds to the show. However, I’m not a fan of that awful Viking wig. I can deal with it though. I’m not surprised he said Pam because she and Eric are so much a like. I hope we get to see a Pam/Eric flashback in season 4. Maybe Pam will tell her story to Sookie. Also if Eric has amnesia they could squeeze in some Viking flashbacks from Erics human years.

    • val

      I agree Caitlin-flashbacks of his Viking human years and also traveling with Godric in the OLD days!
      Robert Duvall huh?LOL!!

      • ~ Caitlin

        Yes val I would like to see more Godric. There is so much we still don’t know about Godric/Erics time together. I’d love to see Eric learning how to be a vamp from Godric. We’ve only gotten to see the serious side of their relationship. I want to gert a glimps of the fun times between Godric/Eric. I have a feeling Eric won’t remember Godric if he gets amnesia and he probably won’t recognize Pam either.

        • val

          FYI-could he BE any more GORGEOUS! Sorry I just lost control for a second-faint!

          • ~ Caitlin

            LOL! I know.

          • Loleaf

            Omg Val & Caitlin if he were any hotter than he already is, we would all be needing CPR!! Preferably by Alexander himself… Oh but that would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it!! Lol! At least we’d die with a smile Huh!!