VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Talks About Metropia

March 5, 2010 by  

In this video interview, film director Tarik Saleh asks Alexander Skarsgard if he can relate to the insecurities of the character he plays in Tarik’s animated Swedish-made science fiction film Metropia.  According to Alex, insecurity is always there and there are different ways to deal with it.  He has his own insecurities and the way he deals with it is by trying to be funny.  He said he has to be able to relate to the different feelings and the different situations they’re in. Otherwise, his performance would not be truthful and honest in those scenes.

Noting that Alex‘ character, Stephan, is extremely paranoid, always feeling as if he’s being watched, Tarik asked if Alex ever feels that paranoia, as if someone is watching over him.  I would have been very surprised if Alexander replied no to this question.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I’m flying to London tomorrow and I think they have like 50,000 TV cameras in London.  So, yeah.  We’re being watched.”

While recognizing the reality that he’s being watched as soon as he steps outside his safety nest, on the subway or a bus, Alex said the most uncomfortable situation would be what Tarik did in the film.  “Actually monitor people through the television set is, you know, pretty creepy.”

Tarik:  If you could, in real life, be inside of someone’s head – just for a day – who would you choose?

Alex:  “Alexander Skarsgard I would say. I don’t understand what’s going on inside here at times.”


  • annm

    He seems very down to earth, honest, funny and I hope he stays that way. If he can not get into the Hollywood crap too much with the starlets and other stuff maybe he won’t change. I think this year will be his year to explode.

  • pbt

    A breath of fresh air in Hollywood for sure. Very unassuming, genuine and intelligent. Rare qualities in a breather. Perhaps that’s why we have all been glamored by the Swede.

  • jaxx

    This is why I love this man. So genuine and honest. Bring out the cute and sexy in him. Good luck on all your projects Alex.

  • ilya

    I agree. I also love his naivité (in a good way), appetite on life and generosity.

  • Mony

    i just think is such a smart and funny guy….always so kind and polite….people like him are very rare…^^