VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard’s True Blood Season 2 Promo For The UK

February 26, 2010 by  

As “True Blood’s” popularity continues to sweep across the globe, fans who reside in the United Kingdom will be the next group to experience season two.

This video trailer gives UK fans the first taste of what to expect for “True Blood’s” second season. The promo helps explain that the vampires in “True Blood” are different from a lot of their blood-sucking counterparts in today’s pop culture. They are a darker, more intense and not afraid to step outside the box. Fans will also delight to know that the show doesn’t deviate from its no-holds-barred approach to issues like addiction, prejudice and sexuality.

To help UK fans satiate their blood lust for the upcoming season, this promo features Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Michelle Forbes (Maryann) who provide a few teaser bits of information about the upcoming season.

When asked about season two, Alexander Skarsgard can only respond:

“I guess, yeah, it’s pretty wild.”

Michelle Forbes also adds a little extra information about her character Maryann:

Maryann initially is quite mysterious and we don’t quite know what she’s up too … she seems somehow fixated on Tara, we know she has a history with Sam, we don’t know what it is and then in season two all of this is answered and revealed …”

Be sure to watch the video to the end for an extra special treat: Michelle Forbes responds to the question: Who would win in fight between “True Blood” vampires and the “Twilight” crew?