Video: Allan Hyde at EyeCon 2010

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Allan Hyde who plays Eric‘s maker Godric on True Blood was one of the attendees at EyeCon this past weekend.  Hyde was a last minute add to the convention much to the delight of fans.  During his panel he talked about several things including playing a ghost during Season 3, speaking in Swedish and his co-stars.

On Season 3

In this clip Hyde talks about being a ghost in Season 3 saying the experience was different but he still had a lot of fun.  He said the thought process behind playing someone who was no longer of this world was complex and he had to figure out if he was playing Godric’s ghost or if he was Eric’s conscience.


Practical Jokes On Set

In this clip Allan talks about life on the set of True Blood and some of the practical jokes that are played, particularly by Ryan Kwanten.  He describes an incident where a car was filled completely with packing peanuts, which we all know are not easy to get rid of. 

Speaking Swedish

In this clip Allan talks about his Swedish lines saying that while he doesn’t speak Swedish, he does speak Danish which is supposed to be very similar.  He says that Alexander Skarsgard recorded his lines for him and while he would try to put his own spin on them, he usually ended up saying them just like Alex had.  While he felt he did an okay job with the lines he says when he went home to Denmark people would joke with him that he sounded like a really Danish guy trying to speak Swedish.  He says in Sweden fans told him he sounded like someone who just came to Sweden from Albania.

True Blood Cast

In this clip an audience member asks Allan who he enjoyed working the most with and he says it was Alexander Skarsgard.  He says they had the best material to work with and that Skarsgard is a great actor.   He also says that he felt the two had great chemistry and I’m sure fans agree.  Allan then goes on to talk about Denis O’Hare and what a fantastic actor he is.  He describes O’Hare as “the nicest guy” and says he is one of those people you want to learn from. 

Speaking Danish For the Crowd

Here the audience asks Allan to speak Danish for him and he obliges by thanking them for coming out to see him and putting up with him.

Although Godric has met the final death on the show, we are all hoping he will be back in more flashbacks!

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