VIDEO: Anna Paquin Appears On The Graham Norton Show

October 11, 2009 by  

Anna-Paquin-Graham-Norton-Show-UKThe lovely and talented Anna Paquin made a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show on BBC one in the UK recently and seemed to have had a great time on the show.  It was very fun to watch as the host explained to her about some of her fans and how surprised she was and how she got a kick out of it.  All True Blood fans will really enjoy watching Anna have fun on this show.


  • Emma

    Anna was such a good sport on this show! I think she was amazed, but that she really enjoyed the song. The Brothers Streep are amazing & their songs are really funny –

  • Lizzie 1701

    They are great video clips. I gt Graham Norton on UKTV, but Anna was not on last Sunday and nor is she listed for next Sunday’s show. Have I missed it?

    She loves to joke around – I thinks she was totally bamboozled with her song! Those guys were fun as well!