VIDEO: Anna Paquin Chats With Joe Manganiello

June 7, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Anna Paquin and Joe Manganiello sat down and talked about season 3 of True Blood and joked around regarding some of the upcoming scenes and Joe‘s introduction to the “sock”.Β  Enjoy the video!

  • Brittany

    what does joe ask anna?
    something weighing 9 pounds?

  • Antonio

    THANKS Ollie!! This interview was Great…I enjoyed it!
    I’ve never seen Anna So relaxed and at ease onset! She is really Cute! Anyway, I think this year Bill has Definitely got some competition!! Joe seems like a nice guy and he’s Italian like I am So That’s Cool! Anyway, I think I’m gonna like Alcide
    His character will probably be Very Cool and very intense!!
    Hey Maybe Miss Stackhouse could use a break from the vampire sect and spend some time with “Wolf-Man”! Who knows? Maybe Alcide could be the “Bill” of the Were community?
    Sam was No match for Bill..Apparently But Alcide?? Hmmmm
    Let me get back to you on that one! LOL

  • lizzie

    Thank you Adore Bill! This is a delightful video clip – they both look good! Joe is pretty nice! He comes in second after my Stephen/Bill!

    • jaxx

      Lizzie, we can both agree on the “second” favorite. Joe has moved slightly ahead of Sam as my “second favorite”. πŸ™‚

      • Antonio

        This new season looks like its gonna Rock!! Joe M. Looks like a cool kick-ass Werewolf! As far as Joe being MY 2nd favorite Well, I like Sam But a Werewolf,especially 1 with Alpha Male potential just kind of dwarfs him for me! Werewolves are mighty strong supes~~~even Sam would Not want to mess with them!
        He told Sookie as much~~recall in S1?
        I personally have always favored Werewolves Over Vampires.
        Vampires it seemed to me were known for their alleged and notice Ladies I said “Alleged” Extraordinary sexual abilities and bloodletting capabilities Wheras Weres Went their Own way
        Weres couuld do or act however they want with NO consequences
        and in the daylight hours they are human and can walk about freely~~~Unlike vampers. I like Sam hes a good guy But The Weres will be tougher and stronger! Alcide may become My favorite of the supes of course After Bill and Eric! LOL
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • lizzie

        Franklin Mott is in equal second place, now, Jaxx

  • jaxx

    Cute interview. I’ve never seen Anna so relaxed. I think the chemistry will be fine. Alcide/Joe is a cutie. Wow, there will be so much eye candy this season. Can’t wait.

  • odd

    Since when Anna Paquin has to interview new members of the show?LOL! This is a very strange interview, considering how icy and sometimes standoffish AP always is around Alex Skarsgard in the few times I saw them together. I mean, I always thought that it was because of some discomfort she felt making out with someone other than her boyfriend irl, but here she is, all giggly and bubbly and flirty. Uh.

    Other than that, I guess Alcide is this season Eggs, the guy who will take off his shirt on every episode of this season.

    As long as there’s space for all my favorite characters.

    • annm

      It’s funny you mentioned her being standoffish with Alex, I watched the interveiw clips from E done during the premeire and somebody else made the comment she was seriously down-playing the whole Eric-Sookie stuff. I think your both right. I really hope that doesn’t effect the show and it would be really stupid on her behalf to screw up something that has really turned her career around. It really doesn’t make sense. In the interveiws from last season, she seemed very comfortable with Alex and now it is so different. It’s not coming from Stephen either because Stephen and Alex seem to have a really great time together messing with eachother. I hope she doesn’t screw this up.

      • lizzie

        Hi, What would she be stuffing up? The Sookie/Eric thing? I don’t know, that is only a part of the True Blood story line, so should not make too much of a difference. I mean, that story needs to be told, but ultimately it is Sookie’s and Bill’s story which is the core of the show?? jmo

  • szonyi-x

    that was really funny πŸ˜€ i’m going to like alcide πŸ˜‰

  • Loleaf

    They are so funny together! Can’t wait ..only 6 days remain, but yet it feels like an eternity!!!! πŸ™‚

  • val

    What a cutie-pie!So nice too.If I was not mad about the Viking-well……But I am,and it would take a lot more cute Weres for me to change! Hello though,Joe!