VIDEO: Anna Paquin Talks About Sookie’s New Powers

July 29, 2010 by  

Microwave Fingers will be the best super power of 2010! In a video interview with Access Hollywood’s Laura Saltman, True Blood‘s Anna Paquin dishes about her character, waitress and telepath, Sookie Stackhouse.

Season 2 gave us a taste of Sookie’s power when she attacked Maryann; it seems her power wasn’t a one time fluke as she has used it again in Season 3 against werewolf Coot. There have been talks that in season 3, fans will find out what Sookie is; Anna gives us her take on Sookie‘s magic fingers!

The award winning actress also discusses the excitement over True Blood‘s 2010 Emmy nomination for Best Drama as well as spending her birthday with True Blood fans at Comic-Con 2010.