VIDEO: Ashley Jones Interview in France

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ashley_jones_the_bold_and_the_beautiful_2009_monte-carlo_theirearth_comAshley Jones, who appeared as Daphne in the Second Season of HBO’s True Blood, was recently interviewed in France when she attended the Festival of Monte Carlo on July 29, 2009.

Ashley Jones played Daphne, a waitress at Merlotte’s, who replaced Amy, a waitress murdered in Season 1 of True Blood. Ashley rose to fame on the long-running CBS The Young and the Restless, playing Megan Dennison Viscardi. She has also appeared in CSI: NY; The Mentalist and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She is currently in The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr. Bridget Forrester.

When asked how her role in HBO’s True Blood compared with her character in The Bold and the Beautiful, Ashley indicates,

“ […] Totally different universe […] it was very challenging, it was challenging to do both shows at the same time […] totally different characters […] I still have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that I am on this show [True Blood] that is so critically acclaimed.”

About her role as Daphne, Ashley describes her character as a fun, free-spirited country-girl:

“[She’s] a fun, free country-girl […] She has set her sights on Sam […] she’s very flirty and you know, she seduces him.”

During the interview, Ashley conveyed the rewarding experience of working with Alan Ball,

“[…] His mind is brilliant, there’s really no other way to explain it […] The way that his imagination works, and his sense of humor […] he views the world through a very specific lens and I am honored to be a part of it […] He goes so deep and it get so dark but at the same time [keeping it] very light and fluffy […] True Blood is very dark but […] there is a very fun aspect to it […] The whole vampire thing […] there is a lot of romance and fun.”

The Second Season of True Blood is currently being aired in France on Orange Cinema.


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