VIDEO: Ashley Jones Talks Season 3 at EyeCon

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Ashley-Jones-JPI-09-LAshley Jones, who played shapeshifter Daphne in Season two of True Blood, was one of the cast members that fans got a chance to meet at last month’s EyeCon convention in Orlando. In an interview with Central Florida On Demand, she discusses what it was like working on the show and what her future there might be.

She was hesitant to give anything away, except that it was shocking and worth watching, but no surprise there! She teased a couple of big storylines, for Lafayette and for Terry and Arlene. Ashley was unsure then whether she would return in some way:

“We don’t know if Daphne’s going to be back yet. I haven’t received scripts, but there have only been two.”

Certainly anything is possible!

Ashley describes the challenge of being a part of her soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, at the same time that she had her role on True Blood:

“Pretty much every night I was working vampire hours, and I was Daphne, then Bridget during the day.”

Sometimes she was working on no sleep, switching back and forth between the characters with their different accents and appearances. That must of been stressful, but Ashley did a great job! She says that it was worth every moment.

She describes the fun atmosphere behind the scenes. Between their filming, the actors hang out on the porches of their trailers and often have their dogs running around.

One thing you might not know about Ashley is that she plays the violin and the fiddle! She praises Todd Lowe, who plays Terry Bellefleur, for being a very talented musician who performs in L.A. often. He has been trying to get her to play in public with him, but she admits to being a little shy about it.

When asked what the cast and crew needs to do to set True Blood apart in the crowd of popular vampire stories, she thinks they should just continue with what they’ve been doing and let Alan Ball carry out what he has planned:

“And the fact that we have [Charlaine Harris’] books that people are so engrossed in and know what’s happening there. I think that’s great for us, that they’re going to want to watch and see what plays out and how it’s different. I don’t know what else we can do. I hope we can get more and more fans, and I hope we keep the ones we already have–I think we’re on a pretty good path so far.”

We think they’re on a good path, too! Who has ideas about how Ashley might reprise her role as Daphne? She was a fun addition to the cast this year, so it would be cool to see her again!

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