VIDEOS: Charlaine Harris Talks In-Depth About Dead in the Family

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Charlaine Harris is a real life steel magnolia. She is always so polite and charming, with just a hint of “don’t mess with me” underneath (anonymous Amazon book reviewers be warned!).

This interview was recorded in Poland where Charlaine was promoting the upcoming release of the 10th Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead in the Family (DITF).

In the interview Charlaine discusses her work, in particular DITF and the True Blood series on HBO. The interview contains some book spoilers – so don’t watch the videos if you don’t want to know. I won’t reveal them here. Charlaine also answers questions from her fans, including some tips for aspiring writers.

Just like all True Blood fans, Charlaine is eagerly looking forward to Season 3 of True Blood and is thrilled at the casting of Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux, describing Joe as much more handsome than the Alcide she imagined in her head.

Charlaine is currently writing the 11th Sookie novel, some short stories and the Sookie Companion which is due out next February.

And as for Bill and Sookie getting back together? Charlaine tells us we’ll just have to wait and see…

Enjoy the videos!

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  • Roberta

    Loving all things of Charlaine Harris’s books and Alan Ball’s interpretation of them, I would like to guess that because Sookie would like to have children and a real family sometime, that as was mentioned above, Sookie will probably choose her soulmate, who can give her that life of marriage, children, companionship, loyalty, security, and yes, love. Our wonderful Bill and Eric, as great as they are in their loyalty and lust, and even love, they can’t give our Sookie children (they are dead for Pete’s sake!). I think that in the end, she will be with someone like Sam, who loves her, has always done his best to rise to her defense. He has had to wait, and wait for her. He lets her be who she is. He’s respected even though he has had to do things in the past that was essential to his survival but maybe a bit unsavory (let’s face it, he’s the only one that you could label a “playmate to a maenid”, romping with her in the woods. I have to say that he is the best fit for her all in all. He would be my choice. He would be a wonderful person to grow old with.

    • annm1969

      I have to agree with you. I love Sam and he is my favorite but the facts are that Sookie has always wanted a normal life and has often been freaked out by the whole vampire scene and Sam is the only one who can give her a normal life. Being a fan of Sams, I really hope they give him some great story lines on the show while we wait for the end!!

  • Antonio

    Another thing… In the 1st episode of TB, Vampire Bill tells Sookie that she is something more than human. “What are you?”
    “I’m a waitress” “No you are something more than that” He tells her that she is something more than human. He asks her again “What are you?” Strange isnt it? Could he tell just by looking at her? maybe a strong sense of her? Or could it be that the Queen,Sophie Ann Told him about her? Perhaps the reason that she cannot became a vampire is that she has Fae blood in her? Well, You would probably know more about that than i would since i have never read Any of the books!

    • Antonio, Bill’s not the only one to notice that though. When Bill has the nest of other vampires in his home, they notice it too.

  • Antonio

    I have a feeling that Sookie may Not end up with a vampire at all! Ms.Harris said she knows who Sookie will end off with. I think it may be Sam~~Most likely…it would be a nice touch since he has always been a good friend to her and he pines for her anyway. It may be Quinn or Alcide Or Maybe even some 1 who has yet to be introduced? Maybe a man who has “fae” blood like she does? I havent read Any of the books so I really dont know.
    I just have a feeling about Sookie and Sam. If,As I have heard, that Vampires were at war with fae then maybe a Vamp-Fae union would Not be a good idea! You All would probably know more about this than I

  • Louise

    I love this woman….shes so nice. She was so sweet and funny and laughed at my jokes!!

  • Pamela

    I really do wish that Sookie ends up with Eric,but I highly doubt that’s how the books will end. I mean in this interview, she said she knew who Sookie will end up with and that when she was writing Eric’s character she didn’t know how he will end up and she was developing him as she went on in the series.I think that just gives away that Eric will not be one of the guys Sookie stays with.Its probably going to be Bill,arghhh.

    • I think Sookie ending with Bill would be wonderful. It means their relationship would have gone full circle..

  • Loleaf

    I so can’t wait to see who they cast for Quinn!!!

  • jaxx

    I enjoyed both interviews. Lizzie, I am half Polish as well.

    I think with a new contract for 3 more books to write after DITF, she rethought killing off a major character at this point. Who knows what will happen at the end of Book 13. I think a major player will be killed, whether it be Bill, Eric or Sam, I unfortunately think one of them will bite the dust in the very last book, whatever number she decides to go up to, JIMO.

    JIMO also I feel that Bill and Sookie will reunite, whether just a brief fling or something more permanent, who knows. We already have Sookie married to Eric at this point. Where to you take a story from there with at least 3 more books left to write? Just as in TB the Bill and Sookie happily ever after would prove boring to fans at this point, so would the Eric and Sookie happily ever after in the book series at this point. You have to mix things up to keep readers and fans interested in both venues. CH has also said Quinn will reappear, probably in book 11 or 12. And I think Alcide will be back as well.

    I think the blood bond will be broken with Eric, which I think will be a good thing since I want to know if that’s all that is keeping them together or if there is truly love on both ends here, and she will have second thoughts about Bill, but I still don’t think Sookie will end up with either vamp in the very last book. It may be either Sam, Alcide, Quinn or someone we have yet to meet.

    CH has said in the past that she knew early on who Sookie would end up with and she hasn’t changed her mind to date. This will be a very interesting ending, when in fact, she does end this series and I am very much looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Loleaf

      I also agree with you jaxx on everything you have said!! Althought it will be bittersweet to see the book series end…

    • Fancy that Jaxx!! I am Polish on my father’s side and Ukrainian on my mother’s side. 3 years ago my sister and I went to Poland and Ukraine to visit our relatives for the first time!!

      Anyhow, I like what you wrote, Jaxx. Of course, being a Bill fan, I hope it goes well for him in the show and the books. I think CH is liking Bill more now that she has seen the show. I’m glad. I hope AB is kind to Eric in the series.

  • Mo

    I’m so happy that Bill is still around…and hopefully more prominent again! 😀

    • Hi Mo, Yes!! More Bill!!! I am sure there will be heaps of Bill as I understand from lots of interviews etc that Bill will have a big arc this season and we will see lots of sides to Bill. This means Stephen will be able to show us his wonderful acting skills whilst he shows us the many facets of that wonderful character, Bill!

  • Great interviews. I am half Polish so it was more interesting for me.

    So, Bill is not out of the picture yet! Hmmm!

    Alex is shorter than Joe! Some posters on some sites have a fettish on how tall someone should be – maybe a change of allegiance???