VIDEO: Charlaine Harris Discusses Real Life Inspirations For Her Characters

February 19, 2010 by  

For all our Charlaine Harris fans, we found a great video of her recent appearance in Evans, Georgia. This video is filled with great laughter and really shows off Charlaine’s creative personality.

Charlaine discusses with fans where her real life inspiration came for the male characters in her Sookie Stackhouse novels. For instance, Bill was derived from a waiter that Charlaine came across one day, and she explains that there was something about the way he turned his head that got her imagination going. She also talks about her inspirations for Eric and Quinn.

Charlaine goes on to talk about how Sookie is the character she feels she identifies with the most. She feels like Sookie is brave, loyal, and works hard to live up to the way she was raised. Charlaine also explains that Sookie is changing ….especially with all the bad stuff Charlaine admits to putting her through.

This was an amazing look at Charlaine and how witty and funny she is. I enjoyed watching her talk about her novels as much as I enjoy reading them. Keep up the amazing work Charlaine! Enjoy the video!