VIDEO: Charlaine Harris May End The Sookie Stackhouse Novels

March 18, 2010 by  

Recently during Charlaine Harris‘ stop in the UK for her book tour, Charlaine spoke with the BBC and spoke about the success of her Sookie Stackhouse novels and their adaptation into True Blood.

Charlaine describes in the interview who Sookie Stackhouse is and her experiences in the series.  As to seeing her characters come to life in Alan Ball‘s adaptation in HBO‘s True Blood, she states that it is an amazing experience that every writer should experience as it allow the writer to see someone else’s perspective of what is being written in the books.

One very interesting point that Charlaine states is that in the next book she will decide if she is going to end the series or have more for Sookie to say and explore and continue on into the next book.  Now the anticipation for Book 11 will grow even more so as fans will be wondering is this going to be the end or not in the Sookie Stackhouse adventures.

To view this insightful interview with Charlaine click the link here.


  • T

    Personally I would like to see the further development of the relationship between Eric and Sookie before she ends the series.

    I personally have been reading the series with baited breath in anticipation of Sookie and Eric finally getting together in a committed relationship with out the tricks and games, and just finally admitted they like one another and having a go at a relationship together.

    I would be really disappointed if the series ended just as they finally decide to admit their feelings and got together, after waiting so long to see them in a relationship.

    Does anyone else agree?

    • Sarah

      Yes I very much agree with you. Now I just finished “Dead in the family”, where Eric and Sookie’s relationship developed, but in my opinion not enough- since the focus is on so many different objects in the book like: her cousin Claude moving in, her nephew Hunter, the weres again agin- and Erics maker Oecalla visit. So no I don’t think we, as the readers, really get to know if Sookie loves Eric, or if it simply is the blod bond tying them to each other. Personally I would love to have a book which included less action, and interfering with so many other figures in the book. Instead we could all focus on their relationship in good and bad terms; love, lust and exitement for each other- gush I would love to know it she really loves him. Just my opinon though.

      • Sarah

        Oh and I forgot to say; if Charlaine Harris ends the series of Sookie Stackhouse without us getting to know if they finally get together and hearing more about it- would be a big of a waste.

  • Antonio

    I would agree. Just because an author may be contracted to write X number of books in a series,Doesnt mean that they OR the publisher cannot amend that at their discretion. Personally, I’d like to think that Stephenie Meyer would pen at least 2 more books in her Twilight series,But,She chose to close the story after book 4. Its up to CH to decide if there would be anything more to write about up to that time. Even IF the book series ends at 12 or 13 or 15, The show can still go on because there is so much left from the books that could be covered in the show.
    Once a series of books/films is brought to a close,there is not much more that 1 could do. It would be like expecting a brand new chapter of the sage After Return of the Jedi! Or making yet Another Jaws movie. This is just MHO.

  • I would like to point out that I do know the facts. I do know and have known what Charlaine has said in the past that she is contracted UP TO 13 books. However, in the video she states that she will decide in the next book whether to end it or not NOT how to end it in Book 13. She has said many times if there is nothing left to write then it will be time to end it.

    Just because an author is contracted to the company that publishes her books DOES NOT mean she has to print that many books.

    • Well said, Ollie. A book contract like Charlaine’s means UP TO, and can be ended by the publisher earlier or later if they want to. However, that also means that if the author has nothing more to write, then they can finish before the number of books contracted.

      Although, I have to admit I find it odd that Charlaine gets a certain number of books to write for the series in her contract rather than the typical “so many books have to be published per year” contract that other writers get, which better allows for dates to get moved forward or pushed back for publishing.

      • June

        It just so happens that I watched a video interview she did on her European tour where she said basically this same thing, but with a bit more elaboration where she made it clear that she has to decide whether or not to end it at 13. That Sookie will likely make her choice by then, but that she may have more to write after that happens.

        Perhaps we should remember that Charlaine says a lot of things… many the don’t come true, and things that turn out differently than she says. So how about we say this can be interpreted two different ways and leave it at that?

        • First nothing ill was said and I’m sorry you feel that way but I don’t think it is appropriate to make such a general statement regarding the other commenters. Just by stating the facts that were presented in this video and the statements that Charlaine made in this video are just that, facts. Yes, Charlaine making various statements in different interviews can cause confusion and different interpretations. Perhaps it is a way for Charlaine to keep the fans guessing.

          • June

            I apologize if you thought I was unfair to the other commenters. And those may be the facts in this particular video, but I think it was a bit unfair to make such a statement in the article itself. I’ve seen people on other forums and on twitter freaking out because they read this article and assumed 11 would be the last.

            Also, do y’all censor here, because it seems a sentence is missing from the beginning of my comment. I don’t particularly care for censorship.

          • Katra

            First, I read your comment June, and it WAS offensive to me as another reader, because I agreed with Ollie after I watched the video. I even checked the comments and saw what Isis posted, where she directly quoted the video.

            Anyways, what you said was inappropriate, and as Ollie is one of the mods here, it’s entirely her prerogative to drop parts of comments that hurt the civility of the site, which I personally feel like you did.

            And HOW is it Ollie’s fault if other people only read the article INSTEAD of going to the video and WATCHING IT THEMSELVES? If they freak themselves out, THEY have the ability, just like the writers here do, to go and do the research to figure out what’s going on.

          • June

            Okay, I apologize if what I wrote made anyone feel like the civilty of the site was compromised, but I was simply expressing how I felt, and if I had made the statement some of the other commenters had, and then read what the mod said, yes I would have felt like an idiot. Or at least like my opinion wasn’t appreciated.

            As for part of my comment being dropped, I would understand if it was something like flaming, but it wasn’t, and it makes me feel like I may be missing something if I read other comments here. How many other people get lines dropped from theirs just because a mod didn’t like it?

            As for the other people going and doing research… Readers often get their information from articles like this, and as a journalism student I can say that it was irresponsible for the article writer to just say that the series may end at 11. For a piece of information that huge, it should have been researched more by the author.

          • Katra

            June, I’ve been here as a lurker for a LONG time. In that time, I’ve only noticed a few comments get edited for the same reasons as sites like the Huffington Post and others with open forums — to prevent profanity, direct comments to others that were negative, etc.

            And again, GO WATCH THE VIDEO! Ollie wrote the article BASED on the video, and that’s where this information is coming from. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but this isn’t Ollie’s fault. If anything, blame the Charlaine Harris for playing head games with her fans.

        • June

          LOL! Fair enough! This being my first experience here, I could only assume that that sort of thing happens often. I’m just not a fan of censorship.

          And you’re right, because Charlaine says so many different things it’s no wonder people get confused. Personally, I think she should be more like J.K. Rowling and simply say, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

          Once more, I apologize for disrupting any civility here. I’m used to being rather blunt, and it gets me in trouble on the internet often because of the lack of tone.

          • Katra

            LOL June, it happens to the best of us because we’re all so passionate about True Blood and everything that goes with it. And we’ve had some nasty fights here before, so when we see comments saying anything negative, all of us get defensive of the best True Blood fansite on the ‘net!

            Either way, welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else who frequently comments here does! 🙂

          • June


  • Antonio

    Wheather she ends the series or not is Her decision. She is,after all,The author and creator of the series. Perhaps it would be nice,If Miss Stackhouse would settle down,marry and have a family of her own? That is IF she is Not turned into a supe,Herself? (Vampire Werewolf..etc?) It would be interesting If 1 day the future Ms. Harris writes a storyline in which Sookie Is a Gran,herself? Then she could write about Sookie’s children Or Grandchildren… Even Should the series end,There are at least 2 More subsequent generations of kin she could write about.Just another idea IMHO

  • Destiney

    I love the sookie stackhouse series. I hope Charlaine keeps writing them as long as there is an story to tell. As long as she writes them I will read them. And for those who believe the stories are not what they want to read or thinks she should stop, why dont you just stop buying them and not put your negative comments for those who are true fans.

  • I think some fact checking is definitely in order on this one!

    She has stated a million times that she’s contracted to write three more books after Dead in the Family bringing the total number of books in the series to 13.

    She has been saying recently that she’ll make a decision while writing the next book (which is book 11) whether or not book 13 will be the end. As pointed out above, she has alot to tie up and will need a couple of books in which to do that when she decides to finish it.

    I hope she does finish at book 13, the story feels like it’s building to it’s natural conclusion. I think she will end it there and that would be a good thing.

    • I just watched the video again, and I took the time to write down what I heard Charlaine say, word for word.

      “I plan to evaluate, IN THE NEXT BOOK perhaps, whether I’m ready to end the series or whether to continue it.”

      That means that she may NOT write 13 full books for Sookie. Just like the actors, who all have contracts for 7 years (which does NOT mean that True Blood is contracted for 7 seasons), a contract for so many books DOES NOT mean that the highest number is as far as the books will go.

      After all, book 10 is already being printed. This means that Charlaine might just end with book 11.

  • jaxx

    I agree. She will write to 13 and that may or may not be the last book in the series. She will re-evaluate everything while writing book 11. That will give her time to tie up any loose in the last 2 books if she decides to end the series. I personally would rather have her end the series on a high note than to drag it out into boredom. IMO.

  • MarleneEmmett

    I remember Charlaine Harris saying in an interview that she didn’t know as to when she’d be ending the Sookie Stackhouse
    Stories~cause she had enough material for 4 more books.
    Also she said “each time I think I’m through I suddenly write
    something and say to myself “Oh,I could see Eric doing that or
    I could see Eric making love to ????~Then I just keep on writing”

    So, I for one hope she keeps on writing and giving Alan Ball
    books to write scripts off of~the more she keeps on writing
    the longer “TrueBlood stays on the air”

  • kelly

    The series will go through book 13. What she meant was that as she’s writing the next book, she will decide if she’ll go past book 13 or not. She has to plan a few books ahead because we all know that right now there’s about a zillion open questions that need to be answered. She has to make a decision so she’ll know if those questions need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

  • Lindsay

    I think you’ve interpreted that incorrectly. Charlaine is contracted to do three more books, so we will see a book 13 at the very least. From other interviews where she talks about the same subject, it’s more clear that what she means is that when she finishes Book 11 she’ll be able to decide whether or not to end the series at 13 or continue on after Sookie has made her choice.

    Book 11 will not be the last one.

  • Barbara E.

    Yes, that too was my understanding that she is contracted to do 13 books (I believe that was the number) … and we’re awaiting for book 11 to come out in May/June … so there are 2 more books definitely, at least.

    I don’t mind if a series comes to an end. Geesh, just how much can an author write about a storyline before it becomes *yawn*. Ya know?

    Sookie and the gang live on in the fan fiction stories, the Twitter fan/cast, and our vampire dreams *grins* hehehe

    • Gabrielle

      Well i can’t wait for Dead in the Family (Book 10) which comes out May 4th!!!!

      As for the next three books in the series, i do hope that Sookie ends up with Alcide. I think she has more of a future with him than with Eric, and that she is with Eric cause of the blood bond thing. That has manipulate her feelings. She doesn’t know if her feelings for Eric are true or if it is based off the blood bond. Though i know some are asking what about Quinn and Sookie together?? Well, Sookie obviously ended things with him, cause of his mom and sister being WAY TOO Depended on him.

      Though my best friend would LOVE for Sookie and Bill to be together, Bill is her favorite male character. There could be something there if CH does let Sookie forgive Bill…..maybe..

  • “in the next book she will decide if she is going to end the series or have more for Sookie to say and explore and continue on into the next book.”

    Huh? Didn’t Harris just announce at last year’s Comic Con that she’s signed on for 3-4 more books?