VIDEO: Charlaine Harris May End The Sookie Stackhouse Novels

March 18, 2010 by  

Recently during Charlaine Harris‘ stop in the UK for her book tour, Charlaine spoke with the BBC and spoke about the success of her Sookie Stackhouse novels and their adaptation into True Blood.

Charlaine describes in the interview who Sookie Stackhouse is and her experiences in the series.  As to seeing her characters come to life in Alan Ball‘s adaptation in HBO‘s True Blood, she states that it is an amazing experience that every writer should experience as it allow the writer to see someone else’s perspective of what is being written in the books.

One very interesting point that Charlaine states is that in the next book she will decide if she is going to end the series or have more for Sookie to say and explore and continue on into the next book.  Now the anticipation for Book 11 will grow even more so as fans will be wondering is this going to be the end or not in the Sookie Stackhouse adventures.

To view this insightful interview with Charlaine click the link here.