VIDEO: Charlaine Harris Gushes over True Blood and Lafayette

July 31, 2010 by  

If you wanted to create one hit show after another, who would you turn to? Alan Ball goes to Charlaine Harris. She has not only inspired Ball to create the HBO hit True Blood, but was also the one who gave him Charlie Huston’s novel, which has produced a new deal between  himself and HBO to create a new series based on the novel.

Fans of the book series and the show know that Alan Ball has departed from Charlaine’s novels in many ways. What’s Charlaine’s favorite? Keeping Lafayette alive! In the books, Lafayette dies very early on, but in the show he’s survived long enough to even have his own love interest. Charlaine loves what Nelsan Ellis has done to the character and it’s a joy to watch him perform.

The show seems to be progressing and generating a lot of fans, but let’s not forget the book series that hasn’t ended yet and only gets better with each installment. Charlaine knows what the ending to the series will be and that it will be revealed soon. She’s been signed to 13 books, and she is working on 11. If she can’t end it by the 13th novel, then it’ll end at 14.

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