VIDEO: Charlaine Harris Interview with RT Book Reviews Magazine

May 31, 2010 by  

Along with Charlaine Harris‘ busy book tour schedule she has be able to conduct many interviews along the way including this on with RT Book Reviews Magazine‘s Senior Editor, Elissa Petruzzi.  This is part one of her video with RT Book Reviews where Charlaine discussed Bill and Sookie‘s relationship both in the book and on True Blood. Enjoy!

  • lizzie

    Well, I have not been a fan of CH because of what she did to Bill/Bill and Sookie, but I have watched this interview and one she did in Seattle, and she has nothing but praise for Stephen Moyer and actually defended his fan base in the Seattle interview (interviewer was more concerned that Alex was Stellen’s son) so I have this new respect for her. I think she is glamoured by Stephen Moyer!

  • juju

    interesting , i love the end with sookie ! ahah nice !