Video Commentary of True Blood from Australia

February 6, 2009 by  

minetbMore buzz is happening down under as the premiere date of Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” draws closer. The following s a commentary overview of “True Blood” from “the playlist”, an entertainment news show in Australia. Based on the presenters’ comments during the videos it seems that “True Blood” is going to be a massive hit in Australia developing a huge following as it has across the globe. “True Blood” premieres in Australia on the Showcase channel on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 7:30 pm.

SOURCE: The Playlist

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • mel

    got that right, I’m aussie and don’t have Foxtel so watched the season online then watched the season all over again over two days on dvd

  • redfirewood

    Oh I know the people in Australia are going to love True Blood.