VIDEO: Denis O’Hare Explains Fangs and Sucking Sounds

July 31, 2010 by  

Denis O’Hare talked with AP-Red‘s Jason Drew about his career, his method of character development and his role of Russell Edgington, True Blood‘s Vampire King of Mississippi.

Was he into vampires before his role as the 2800 year-old vampire king? At 8 years of age he pretended to be Dracula and even had a book titled “How to Care for Your Monster”.  He also watched Dark Shadows as a kid.

What’s great about Charlaine Harris‘ story, he says,  is that vampires come out into the open.  That’s her invention and it’s great.

Denis described the differences between the soft fangs and hard fangs.  The soft are for biting but not for talking.  He actually lost his during one scene! They are not held in with adhesive.  In addition to having a fang wrangler, Denis said he spends a lot of time creating the various sounds required for sucking blood and biting.

Talking about his True Blood role, Denis said it was decided before he was cast that they wanted a more charming, powerful and deadly king.  That differs from the book’s Russell.

When the correlation between some of the vampire issues was made, such as the Vampire Rights Amendment and the current gay marriage controversy, Denis said it’s rather interesting that Russell and Talbot have the most stable relationship on the show.  After 700 years together, they’re still committed to each other.

Watch the video.  And do not miss True Blood‘s Episode 7 on Sunday on HBO.