VIDEO: HBO’s Spring Preview Teases With Snippets of True Blood Season 7

April 9, 2014 by  

Sookie, Alcide, Pam, Bill, Tara, Jason and More:

HBO Spring Preview 2014 - True Blood Season 7 promo video stillRecently, HBO announced the start date for True Blood Season 7. With this being the finale season of the popular vampire series, fans are desperate for any news of what to expect.

What We Know So Far:

While all this news is awesome, what we are all desperate for now, with the show’s premiere date less than three months away, are new promo stills.

Well, HBO has managed to deliver in that department. With the release of their special Spring Preview 2014 video, we finally get some tantalising shots of True Blood Season 7!

You can watch the full promo video below, but, as WetPaint pointed out, you need to pay particular attention to the following video times (in seconds): 0.00, 0.07, 0.13, 0.26, 0.38, 1.19, 1.26 and 1.26.

So, yet again, we have news on plenty of True Blood stars, but the elusive Eric Northman still hasn’t made an appearance.

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)