VIDEO: Interview with Allan Hyde at EyeCon

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allan-hyde2Allan Hyde, a Danish actor who plays Godric in Season 2 of True Blood, gives us his insights into his character Godric, who’s a two-thousand-year-old vampire and Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) maker.

During the interview, Allan Hyde conveys his delight on working in Season 2 of True Blood:

“I just came on in the Second Season […] I thought the second season was amazing […] the stuff I liked was […] the different story-lines branching out […] you got to see different sides of [characters].”

On Godric’s accent, Allan Hyde explains,

“The role of Godric […] he’s supposed to be two thousand years old […] he’s been all over […] he probably speaks a dozen different languages, if not more […] his accent […] you can’t really trace it back to somewhere and also it’s […] a hybrid form […]”

When asked about his character Godric in Season 3, Allan indicated that he’s excited about reading the scripts for Season 3, but when asked about spoilers, he said,

“I think they already did leak it a little bit […] I don’t know what it’s going to be but I know that I’m going back for a flashback […] or flashbacks.”

Allan explains how he draws on his youthful experiences in portraying Godric,

“I had a point in my life where I was young and I had a problem with authority. It wasn’t a big thing […] and I was really, really bad and […] I made life really miserable for a couple of people back then and I really regret it. […] and that was what I applied to the character of Godric […] I had one day where [I had] kind of like an epiphany […] I just realized […] that this was all wrong […] and I took that […] and applied it to the Godric character […]”

Fans of True Blood might like to know that as of this week, Alan Ball and the True Blood cast are back in the studios filming Season 3 of True Blood.

Many thanks to Michi for putting the video up on Youtube!

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  • sam

    Allen hyde said ‘like’ a whole lot but I still like him. He gave Godric something extra and I just love it. I’m so excited for season 3 and extreamly excited to see who’s gunna play Quinn in season (if they’re going by the books) 6!

  • Val

    Good article! Glad to see we will have Allan Hyde back,even for a brief time-he is an amazing actor!!!
    I think the interactions between him and Eric will be fascinating to watch. The brief episode when Eric was turned was incredible and you could really believe that this creature is a thousand years old(though looking”like a little boy”!)
    Can’t wait for 3rd season!!!

    • Loleaf

      Val, I second that!! Can’t wait to see what Alan and crew have in store for us in the flashbacks, giving us more of the dynamics of these two excellent actors. So glad that we are getting all these tidbits of information, but the wait is unbearable!!!!!

      • Val

        Don’t you know it~waiting is so hard!!But us true-blue fans will stick by and DEAL with it cause TrueBlood is UNIQUE!(it hurts so good!!)

        • Udo

          Me too! I enjoyed watching the dynamics between Eric and his maker, Godric. These are two highly talented actors and, as you both say, watching their performance made for enjoyable viewing. I can’t wait for Season 3 either.