VIDEO: True Blood Cast Reveals Season 3 Moments

July 28, 2010 by  

“Tied up to a toilet?!” Rutina Wesley recounts what she said at discovering what was in store  for her character Tara when she, as well as other cast members, did a video interview with PopSugar.

For Rutina, True Blood isn’t nerve racking but challenging. What makes it all worth it is the fans; Rutina gushes that what she loves about the fans is that they truly care about the characters and the actors who portray them. She is blessed and excited to be at Comic-Con for a third time.

Also, interviewed was Kritin Bauer, who reveals that Season 3 is the season where fans will get to see Pam’s loyalty and love for Eric. Her history as well as her feelings are explored this season.

For Nelsan Reynolds the shocking scene of Season 3 was hands down between Bill and Lorena, during the head twisting incident. Like the fans, Nelsan saw it as freaky and crazy…exactly what True Blood is all about. As for his own character, Nelsan only reveals that Lafayette falls in love.

Denis O’Hare, who plays the Vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington, applauds not only the cast, but the crew of True Blood, saying that they are a team; they take care of one another and make even the nude scenes comfortable.

How do the screaming fans make him feel? He reveals it’s fun and terrifying, which sounds exactly like True Blood! Though it does take a few minutes for fans to realize who Denis is, given that in real life he doesn’t wear the wig he uses for the show. Sometimes he can try to escape, but True Blood fans don’t let him get too far.

The cast reveals their joy and excitement about Season 3; watch for yourself as they reveal secrets as well as string fans along with the teasers about the show.