VIDEO: Interview with True Blood’s Denis O’Hare

January 14, 2013 by  

Dennis O’Hare Discusses An Iliad and True Blood’s Russell Edgington

Denis O'Hare stars as Russell Edgington in HBO's True Blood

Fans of True Blood’s resident (but now deceased) baddie, Russell Edgington are in for a treat with with this video. Currently, Denis O’Hare is eager to discuss the production of An Iliad,  a play he co-authored alongside Lisa Peterson, about the classic tale of war; The Iliad (written originally by Homer). The one man show stars Scott Parkinson, a story teller who struggles with the mythology and brutality of his poem (The Iliad).

Make sure you check out the full video below of Denis O’Hare as he chats to Reel Film News about his latest endeavour as well as his thoughts on being Russell Edgington in HBO’s True Blood.


(Source: – The Studio Theatre: Exclusive Interview w/AN ILIAD Co-Author, Denis O’Hare!

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)