VIDEO: Jace Everett Sings True Blood’s ‘Bad Things’ on Huckabee

August 21, 2014 by  

Jace Everett Discusses His Music and THAT Iconic Song:

true-blood-opening-creditsIt’s every truebie’s favorite; the theme song for HBO’s True Blood. Even after seven seasons of listening to it, Bad Things by Jace Everett still encapsulates everything we love so much about True Blood. It’s hard to believe this tune was originally selected as a bookmark song until something better came along.

You can check out the quick interview Jace did with Huckabee recently. He talks about his music and how lucky he is to have his song selected for a show like True Blood. Then he goes on to sing his now famous song, Bad Things. Jace also discusses the release of his newest album, Terra Rosa, which you can purchase from iTunes by clicking here. Terra Rosa is an album which had it’s inspiration drawn from the Bible.

You can check out the full video below of Jace performing alongside Huckabee host Governor Mike Huckabee:

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Source: Fox News – Jace Everett sings the ‘True Blood’ theme song

(Photo Credit HBO Inc.)