VIDEO: Joe Manganiello Says Alcide is Ready to Fight for Sookie

July 29, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello, our favorite werewolf, Alcide, conducted an interview with Laura Saltman for Access Hollywood while at Comic-Con 2010 and said he’s thrilled to be part of the family of his favorite TV show.  Joe said it’s understood, not written, that he would appear without his shirt, so it’s no carbs for him for 6 years!  As to Alcide‘s relationship with Sookie, all Joe would say is that there could be some fighting over her now that she’s single and Alcide is single.

  • jaxx

    The more suitors the better right now. I’d love to see them fight over her. This is the time in her life when she should be sowing her wild oates. Bring it on!!!