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Joe Manganiello was one of the True Blood stars who made an appearance at EyeCon in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.  During his panel Joe talked about what he would like to see in Season 4, what its like to work with the wolves, and his “sock of destiny”.  Here are some video clips of a very funny Joe!

On Season 4

In this video Joe talks about Season 4 and how he knows fans are curious to see what happens between Alcide and Sookie.  He however, is curious to see what happens with the werewolf packs now that Coot is no more and Colonel Flood is proving himself to be an ineffective leader.


Wolves as Co-Stars

Here we see Joe talking about the wolves that he works with on-set. He says that some of them are over 150lbs, with big yellow eyes.  The trainers walk them around on thick chains, but they have been trained since they were six months old so they are really well behaved and very smart.  He jokes that they are a lot better at hitting their marks than some of the actors he has worked with.  Before starting work with the wolves Joe says they are given the “idiot’s guide to working with wolves” where rules such as don’t eat meat around them, don’t have food in your pockets and don’t make sudden jerky movements, make your filming day go a lot smoother.  He talks about the scene where Debbie Pelt broke down Sookie’s door and she had wolves on either side of her who were startled when she kicked the door in.  One jumped up to play with her and the trainers had to call a halt to filming for the day.

Team Bill or Team Eric?

Here a fan asks Joe if he is Team Bill or Team Eric and he replies “I’m Team Alcide” to the delight of the audience.  He goes on to say he’s a fur banger.

Being Welcomed by the Cast

Some of the stars have described the True Blood cast as a family and Joe says that he was made to feel very welcome.  He was a little nervous coming onto the show because he has worked on other projects where there was already a lead male star and they weren’t crazy about having such a big co-star.  He says even though he was only signed for 6 episodes at first, everyone on the set treated him like he belonged and like he was a series regular and he really thinks this is what makes the show so good.  They leave the drama to the writers.

His Favorite Scenes

An audience member asked Joe what his favorite scene so far has been and he says it is a tie between two.  The first is the scene where “they are dragging Bill out in the vampireburrito”.  Apparently Stephen Moyer‘s head hit Joe in a rather sensitive area during the first take of filming for this scene.  For continuity purposes the jumpsuit that he wears throughout the scene had to have blood in that same spot for the two months it took them to film it.  He also found the parts with Debbie really touching and sad where Alcide reveals that he didn’t want to have a baby because he didn’t want a child to go through the things that he went through.  His second favorite part was the scene on the porch where Alcide says goodbye to Sookie.

The Sock of Destiny

In this final clip Joe talks about the modesty sock that has become a popular point of discussion for all male cast members on the show.  As fans of True Blood know, a good portion of the cast spends a lot of time naked on screen and as such, one of their biggest wardrobe staples is their “sock”.  The first word that comes to Joe’s mind when asked about this wardrobe item is “chilly”.  He says its a bit creepy because they bring the sock out on a black velvet tray where you get to choose one of three options.  First is a sock with a drawstring.  The second option is basically a thong with a plastic back on it.  Rutina advised Joe against the thong saying “you don’t wanna run fast in that thing cause that plastic will snap”.  The third choice is the “manty” – the male panty.  Due to the angle of his shot Joe’s choice was taken from him and he was given the sock.  He describes what it was like to film the scene with him in the sock in the middle of a field in broad daylight.  His wolf Thunder who was off his chain was ten feet in front of him, the sound guy was right behind him along with Thunder’s trainer who was waving pieces of meat over Joe’s shoulder and when they yell action he has to drop his bathrobe and think werewolf thoughts.  As the day wore on he heard cars pulling up and he looked over and there were school buses pulling up to the field.  Joe goes on to say that he told his brother about filming the scene and the “sock” and his brother joked that he was going to sneak into Joe’s trailer and switch out the sock with a sausage casing.  Needless to say little brother won’t be on set for a while.

While most of Joe’s scenes on True Blood have been serious and heavy, it is obvious from watching these clips that he has quite the comedic side to him as well.  Let’s hope we get to see more of that in Season 4!

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