VIDEO: Kristin Bauer van Straten Says Pam’s Loyalty is Tested

July 31, 2010 by  

She looked cool, calm and collected, and Jethro Nededog of asked Kristin Bauer van Straten some excellent questions about Pam, True Blood‘s sassy and sophisticated vampire.

First of all, Pam has become a regular this season and Kristin‘s reaction was, “It’s like being invited to the best party ever!”  Joking about starting off being tortured with her shirt open, Kristin said this is now a topic of conversation with the women – read the script, look at wardrobe and know it’s time to stop eating and go work out.

Revealing a little about what’s in store for Pam, Kristin said major shifts are happening in the vampire hierarchy, and the dominoes are about to spiral downward.  Pam is being pushed emotionally and physically.  We find out so much about her relationship with Eric.

Kristin said she didn’t think Pam had an achilles heel but we find she can be vulnerable.  Both Pam‘s and Eric‘s lives are at stake (no pun intended).  Her loyalty is tested to the max.  And her integrity.  We get to see Pam‘s humanity and who she cares about.  According to Kristin, everybody needs someone and Eric is it for Pam.

Asked what she’d like to see happen next season (Season 4), Kristin referenced an occurrence in Charlaine Harris‘ book 4 in the series.  Eric loses his mind and Pam and Sookie have to take care of him.

If Eric had to choose between saving either Pam or Sookie, who would he choose?  She didn’t answer, but said we would find out this year.

Making fun of Kristinalways hanging on to her purse, Kristin joked that in real life it has everything near and dear to her.  From food to cellphone (she even took photos of Alexander Skarsgard next to his cardboard likeness and emailed it to him), her cherry chapstick is very special.