Video: New Clip From Alexander Skarsgård’s “Battleship”

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New Clip Shows Off Sexy True Blood Star, and Others:

Alexander Skarsgård in BattleshipFor Truebies like me, the only thing it’s going to take to get me into theaters to see Battleship is seeing True Blood’s alpha vamp EricAlexander Skarsgård, in the trailers. I don’t need to be a fan of board game based movies to be interested in seeing as much of him as I can get. Am I right ladies?

The newest clip from the film shows us two things straight away. First off, even though this movie is about aliens and things are exploding, the film is full of sexy people. The new clip does a fantastic job of showcasing Skarsgård’s beautiful blues.

The second thing is that this movie is clearly more than an action film. Like many before, this movie seems to be working to establish an emotional core between the characters. This bodes well for any of us ladies looking for more than just action here. Not sure yet if Skarsgård’s character will have any romantic interests, but at least the film has more dimension than previously thought.

Director Peter Berg recently shared exactly how he decided to cast Skarsgård in the role as Stone Hopper:

“All the girls in the office stormed into my office and demanded that we cast him,” Berg said. “And then when I met him, my son was there, and [Alex] got out of his Audi R8 — that’s my son’s dream car. My son just stood there with his jaw open, staring first at him, then at his car, and he said, ‘Dad, it’s non-negotiable. Alex is in the movie.’ “

Clearly Alex’s charms work on more than just the ladies.

In this new clip, which is from earlier in the film, we see Skarsgård’s character and his brother, played by Taylor Kitsch, sitting in a hole in the wall bar celebrating Kitsch’s birthday. Then Brooklyn Decker arrives, and sexy awkwardness ensues.


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