VIDEO: Ryan Kwanten Discusses True Blood and Legend of the Guardians

October 7, 2010 by  

Ryan Kwanten on the Mythology of True Blood and Legend of the Guardians

Ryan Kwanten sat down with to be interviewed about True Blood and Legend of the Guardians. The interview started off with Ryan talking about Legend of the Guardians, but even that was prefaced by a question about Star Wars and whether or not Ryan was a kid of that generation. (He is.) Ryan said that he and a costar bonded over a love of Star Wars and the ‘good versus evil’ story that it has with Legend of the Guardians.

Ryan also said that he loves that his character in the movie is the one on the ‘journey,’ and that he’d love to do more Legend of the Guardians movies in the future should they be created, especially since the film ends at a pivotal point for Ryan’s character.

After that, the interview switched topics to True Blood. When asked if Jason was ready to be a foster parent to all of those children in Hotshot, Ryan announced that he was ready, though he wasn’t sure Jason is.

Ryan also discussed how both Legend of the Guardians and True Blood have a responsibility to their fanbase in some ways, but in some ways that responsibility can be a curse. To hear the details of why that is the case, just watch the video below and enjoy!

SOURCE: — Ryan Kwanten talks about the mythology of both “Legend of the Guardians” and “True Blood.”