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Ryan Kwanten Covers “Red Hill” and Relationships

Ryan Kwanten True Blood's Jason ( Kwanten, the studly Aussie who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, was recently on the set of Masterclash, a weekly podcast show “for men” featured at The topic of the day was ‘breakups.’ Host Anthony Layser asks whether there is a breakup of some sort related to Kwanten’s new movie, Red Hill, and the actor proceeds to try to explain his viewpoint.

Kwanten first describes Red Hill as a High Plains Drifter meets No Country For Old Men type of film, stating that some critics are touting Red Hill as Australia’s answer to No Country For Old Men. The original reason he fell in love with the film was because it was a Western and it’s every boy’s dream to wield a gun, ride a horse, save a town, and be the hero. The second reason is because the director mortgaged his house in order to finance the project. Kwanten admired the lengths he would go to for his first film (the director’s resulting divorce is something he could not discuss). On the flip side, the thing that keeps him coming back to the film, the endearing qualities of it, is its imperfections: the lack of money, the lack of time; the rawness which he believes pervades the screen. He compares his feelings for Red Hill to relationships, in general:

“You fall in love with someone because of the original qualities that they have, but you stay in love with them because of the, I guess, the imperfections. The things that, you know, originally may have irked you, but you now learned to love. The quirks.”

Kwanten believes himself to be a romantic at heart, which is why it’s difficult for him to be in a relationship. The fact that he is in Los Angeles most of the time and in Australia the rest of the time leaves no room for all the attention he says a woman deserves. Co-host Emily McCombs asks him his opinion on women who don’t need a lot of time, and everyone goes on to discuss ‘cougars,’ one-night stands, and even two-night stands. The conversation then turns to, “At what point does it turn into a relationship?” McCombs mentions flatulence, which Kwanten seems to agree with! When it comes to ending relationships, Kwanten says one way to do it would be the Jason Stackhouse way, saying his character is “the band-aid kinda guy” — just rip it off.

Watching Kwanten be charming and funny, looking chic and handsome in a suit, and listening to him speak in his native Australian accent, gives a new appreciation for the actor. One can’t help but to see him far removed from Southern Jason Stackhouse, which is refreshing. Enjoy the video!

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