VIDEO: Sam Trammell Excited About Season 3

March 10, 2010 by  

Many thanks to Thomas Attila Lewis from for informing us about his wonderful interview with Sam Trammell at the 25th Film Independent Spirit AwardsSam revealed to Thomas that season 3 of True Blood is going to be very character driven and the writing will be very deep.  According to Sam,  it is definitely going to be a very successful year for True Blood.

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Enjoy the video!

  • Antonio

    Sam looks down on werewolves huh? Does That mean he’d look down on Jacob Black of Twilight?? Hmmmmm? Somehow I cannot picture him in the woods near La Push surrounded by Jacob Sam Uley and the pack! JMHO LOL 🙂

  • Ckayed

    SEASON THREE is shaping up to be fabulous! Can hardly stand to wait! I keep watching Season One over and over again and I never get tired of it and the more I watch, the more I get out of it – just when I think I have extracted every drop that is meant to be savored, I watch it again and find more. The cast is talented and professional and they bring their characters to life and make them credible.

    True Blood is a brilliant series. Thank you ALAN BALL!
    Thank you.

    • Antonio

      I couldn’t agree More! S1 is Unbelievable! The writing the acting the direction the cinematography Just AWESOME!!
      The actress who played Gran did a wonderful job…as did All the others! I dont blame you for playing the discs over and over I do that with Eps 1-3 just Incredible!! The Last Episode was Amazing! When Renee was chasing Sookie thru the cemetary and she was having “visions” of all his victims including her Gran..Wow!
      Bill coming out into the sunlight to try and save her and getting burned up badly Wow!!
      Sam saving her life and then helping her with Bill…Whoa!!
      S2 was good But S1 is the Best!!

  • jaxx

    Both Sams are great. I love his enthusiasm as well. He is the 2nd or 3rd cast member that says this year will top last year and even season 1. I CAN’T WAIT. Bring it on!!! 🙂

    • Antonio

      Better than Season 1? Wow! Let’s hope so! Sam is So Cool!
      And just in case He happens to read this Yes Sam You ARE,Man!!

  • Nia

    I just love Sam T. Another great guy, so personable and fun.

    I remember from S1 when Sam tells Sookie that Werewolves are dangerous nasty creatures. I wonder how he knew about them???

    Perhaps we will see a few flashbacks for Sam as well this season.
    I think the flashbacks for all the characters really help make the show the great bit of entertainment it is!

    Give us more Sam!!!!

    Team True Blood!

    • Antonio

      Sam is So cool and funny! He seems like a fun guy! I always get a laugh or 2 from him! He seems Just as excited about the S3 premiere as We Are! He always gives us the scoop on whats happening at the show…I like that. Sam is 1 of my faves on the show! 🙂