VIDEO: Sam Trammell Explains Why We Love Vampires

November 27, 2009 by  

Sam-Trammell-Sam-MerlotteSam Trammell, who portrays the lovable shapeshifter Sam Merlotte in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood spoke with E!Online and tried to find the explanation behind the vampire craze.  Also Sam reveals in the video that he has never seen Twilight but perhaps he should since it is so widely popular.  A nice little interview with Sam who is always a pleasure to watch.  Enjoy!

SOURCE: E!Online

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Nia

    OHHHH, I do love Sam. It may be Stephen that has me dreaming of being bitten, but I have no problem cuddling with this cutie either.
    Sam is a very sweet handsome personable man who seems so relaxed when giving interviews. A great guy!
    His character Sam is the same. A good man for who so many of us want only good things to happen.
    You go Sam, we love ya!
    Another great video AdoreBill. You will definitely keep our fires stoked till next June!

  • Antonio

    It’s Always Interesting to hear what this guy has to say about TB and the fsacination with Vampires that We All seem to have!
    I especially enjoyed the interview with Him and Alex and Steph on the airing of the show in Hungary! I also liked the recent interview of him where he was discussing his early career his college days and his move to NYC to pursue acting! Sam seems very down to earth,unpretentious and an all around fun guy.
    Someone I’d like to have a beer with and shoot the breeze.
    Although my favorites are Sam and Bill,I think that Eric is a really cool character,too I can appreciate the whole cast as well! 🙂 Why Do We Love Vampires? 2 Words
    Forbidden Love Why do We like Sam? I like him because I think he’s Cool!! OK Thats enough from Me,Here! LOL 🙂
    Go Team TB!!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Unfortunately My video buffered for the whole segment. Also, when they scanned to the posters, it was off Sookie and Eric – how rude!!

    • Hi Lizzie,

      Sorry that it kept buffering for you. I checked to see if there was a problem on my end but it is working and it is running fine for me.

      Yes you are correct, they should have focused on his poster instead since he is the person they are interviewing.

      • Lizzie 1701

        Not to worry Ollie!! It is my computer – so ancient!! I will try again later at night, Sam is such a wonderful guy – so eager and he likes to impart goss, so will try to see it.

        I just feel characters/actors get sidelined for the major stars – he should have had his day (re the poster), but what was also annoying was the fact it was E/S and not B/S!!!