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Sam Trammell, who plays Sookie‘s boss Sam Merlotte on HBO‘s True Blood, attended his second EyeCon last weekend in Florida. During his panel Trammell talked about his steamy scene with Stephen Moyer, saggy underwear and visiting Fangtasia for the first time.

Bill and Sam Get Close

One of the scenes that had people talking the most last year was the rather intimate moment that Sam dreamt about between himself and Bill. As we know in the Season 2 finale Sam drank some of Bill’s blood forming a bond between the two which resulted in Sam’s dream. Trammell says that it took at least 5 or 6 takes just for the two of them to stop laughing long enough to start seriously filming but then there were different versions of the scene to film as well. Moyer and Trammell decided to have a little fun with their stand-ins for this scene. The two stood with the director and had the stand-ins move really close to each other and then take their shirts off. Once their shirts were off they instructed the stand-ins to kiss but the two refused before catching on that this was a prank.

Sam’s First Visit to Fangtasia

In this clip Sam talks about his first visit to Fangtasia and he says the main thing that stands out is Kristin‘s red jumpsuit. He jokes that he was basically glamoured by the jumpsuit because he couldn’t stop staring at it and Kristin kept smiling at him and throwing him off. One of the other things that he loved about that scene was Eric‘s “teacup humans” line.

His Father’s Underpants

In Season 3 we got to meet Sam’s biological family and what a treat they were. His mother was a drunk, his brother has a huge chip on his should and then there was his father – walking around in his saggy underwear for half the time he was on screen. Sam says he had no idea what his dad’s “wardrobe” was going to be and when he walked in to film the scene he was almost speechless. He says it was very cool of the actor who played Jolee to wear that since it was so revealing but he thinks the thing that topped the outfit off was the knee brace he wore.

His Sex Scenes

Sam jokes that his sex scenes always turn out bad for him but he really enjoys working with Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton). He says that their last sex scene together was actually three times as long when they filmed it. They apparently started at one side of the room and were crashing around and doing all kinds of aerobic activities. Filming for the scene began at 6:50 in the morning and Sam says you know your job is weird when you are having pretend sex at 6:50 am. The two were mostly naked in the scene and had to strategically place their bodies to block certain body parts. He describes sex scenes as being like a dance saying they are very technical.

With one of the big question marks from the Season 3 finale revolving around Sam, we can look forward to seeing a lot more of him next year!

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