VIDEO: Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten From the SAG Awards

January 25, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten were interviewed on the Red Carpet at the 16th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Saturday, January 23, 2010 held at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center. It was wonderful to hear Sam and Ryan talk about the show and give a shout out to all the True Blood fans at the end of the video. Enjoy!

  • jaxx

    These two are so cute. I’d love to hang out with them sometime. And I think Sam’s date is adorable. At least I’m glad in real life, he has a girlfriend. hee hee.

    • Antonio

      Hey Jaxx I agree it would be Totally Cool to hang out with these guys! From what I’ve seen of Ryan in interviews and such, He seems to be Nothing like the character he plays on TB! He seems to be smart and he likes what he does. Sam seems like someone I’d like to hang out with. Someone to just sit talk laugh with and have a beer with. What I admire about these guys is that they (Steph,Alex and the rest of the cast) seem very grounded down-to-earth real everyday people! They love what they do and they appreciate their fans! Last year at Comic-Con, In wish the cable tv coverage would have included more TB cast members, It seemed that the actors of TB were just as overwhelmed by the fans gathered there as the fans were to be there to see them! I remember that Deborah Ann and Alex Skarsgard seemed to be particularly amazed by it all! It all seemed like a lot of fun I wish I could have been there!
      You know,Jaxx This show and its cast inspire and move people in so many different ways! I Always enjoy reading or viewing interviews with the cast! They always have such interesting and usually funny things to say! In Real Life, Steph can be So witty! he has a wicked sense of humor and I’ve enjoyed Alex in his interviews Too! Ryan comes across as intelligent and friendly He likes what he does and he always speaks well of the show and the cast! Sam can Always make me laugh He can be So funny and he’s somewhat of an intellectual,like me He also seems very grounded,professional and he seems like he could be a lot of fun to hang out with! Most of these guys are friendly and can appreciate their fans and their work….I Like that!
      They are Not snooty or prententious like most.
      What I find to be really cool is that they make it seem like Anyone can do what they do! I’ve heard Both Stephen Moyer And Sam Trammell say “To just believe in yourself put yourself out there and just Do It!” Thats good advice! Especially for those of us who are still trying to realize dreams in our own lives!! Funny Isnt It Jaxx? How you can learn valuable lessons and be inspired and encouraged by a Tv show about “monsters”? I’m sure that Many here would agree as We have All been touched somehow by this show and the talented writers,Alan Ball and the gifted cast and crew! Sam Ryan Stephen I know that you guys dont generally read these things….And I dont blame you it Can be quite a lot to take in..But I just wanted to say Thanks for being So Cool! Thanks for sharing Your journey and your acting with us!!
      I guess when you are really into a show, the cast members can get to feel like friends or even family! After all they Do come into your home once a week and we get “lost” in their town and lives…its a distraction and its nice even if just for an hour! What Is it about this show? about these nice people that makes me happy?? Is it because like Bill and Sam I Also feel lost and overwhelmed by it all sometimes??
      Is it because,Like Bill, I desperately want to find something Real and Meaningful in MY life,too! Is it because,like Sam I,too am searching for acceptance of self and patience and perhaps even forgiveness and understanding?
      Is it because,Like Jason I too am somewhat afraid,confused and ambivalent about Many things in My life,too!
      Is it because,Like Soookie I’m concerned that many people might look down on me and consider me a “freak” too because of some of my gifts??
      What’s wrong with being different? I think that Alan Ball does a wonderful job in conveying this message! Thats Why I like this show So Much!! I’m grateful to be able to log on and come here,too To share my Thoughts,Ideas and just to interact with All of You! It means So much! 1 of my wishes would be that someday I could share some of my articles and fan fiction with Stephen Moyer,Anna Paquin Or Sam Trammell and just ask them what they think of it. I’m sure that Sam Ryan and maybe even Alex would get a kick out of it! “You wrote All This?” “Wow!”
      Well,I’ve gone on for far too long here! I just wanted to thank the cast and crew and thank You all here at TBNET! Its been a wonderful odyssey here for Me!
      Antonio 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Antonio

    I saw this on another site and I enjoyed it a lot! These 2 guys are just SO Funny together! It seemed like Sam was a bit nervous But Ryan knew just what to say. This was So Cool!
    Australians Don’t drink?? There were about 180 cast members?
    Sam thinks it would be cool if TB lost?? Ryan said he was rooting for TB (Our Show) and Sam was like “Really?” Just Too Funny! Sam later says he was just kidding and he hopes that their show Does win! They were just So funny together! They played off each other very well! Its a shame that these dvds of the show don’t have blooper reels or deleted scenes! These guys seem to be just as much of a hoot offscreen as they are onscreen!