VIDEO: Sam Trammel Talk about Comic-con 2010 Fans

July 29, 2010 by  

Always dedicated to his fans, Sam Trammell discusses the 3rd season of True Blood with Access Hollywood’s Laura Saltman. Is this shape-shifter scared the weres will take over Bon Temps? Hardly.

Sam talks about his characters developing story arch, which stems from Sam Merlotte’s season 2 decision to look for his biological family. Meeting his parents and brother, Sam is faced with blood ties and looking after his family, even though it may get him into trouble. In the video interview Sam discusses a little of what his character will face when it come to himself and his new family.

When he isn’t on the set of True Blood, Sam seems to always be hanging out with fans. For the third time, Sam plunges into Comic-Con 2010 weekend for the best fan experience while promoting the 3rd season. Sam discusses what he thinks about the fans as well as the Emmy critics who have nominated True Blood for a 2010 Best Drama award.