VIDEO: Sam Trammell Talks about More Nude Scenes

January 19, 2010 by  

We would like to thank Rebecca Murray, professional movie critic and entertainment journalist from, for informing us about the fantastic interview she had with True Blood‘s Sam Trammell recently at the BAFTA/LA 16th Annual Awards Season Tea Party on January 16, 2010 held at Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.  We encourage you to visit her website to watch her video interview with Sam as he divulges some interesting tidbits about season 3 including the fact that Sam is going to have more nude scene this coming season and a shocking first episode for the new season.

Click here to watch Rebecca’s interview with Sam.

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  • ****SPOILER ALERT*****

    Check out the latest spoilers which came out today! It appears Sam is to have an erotic dream with guess who?? Yes, BT’s hunkiest Vampire!

  • jaxx

    This is going to be a very interesting season for TB fans. Can’t imagine who Sam would be with that we know. Tara??? Jessica??? Hmmm.

  • Antonio

    I admire Sam. He really seems to be enjoying all of this! 1 thing that I like about the cast Steph,Anna,Ryan,Alex,Todd,Debrah Ann and Rutina is that they All seem to love their work on the show and they all seem happy to be a part of this wonderful program! The Golden Globe Awards apparently do not recognize talent or they would have nominated the cast for more awards!! These guys are All winners in My book! Go TB!! Go HBO!! Go Sammy Steph Alex Ryan!! Go Guys GO!!!

  • Antonio

    Thanks Ollie for this article. Sam Trammell is 1 of my favorite actors on the show. A not so nice motel room in Arkansas Sam with someone “viewers may know”? I can’t help but wonder Who this might be! I guess we will have to wait and see. Sam is funny and intelligent. I think that he’s cool,too! I always like reading or seeing an interview with him. As for more nude scenes.. In the 1st year, Jason was pretty much the 1 with most of the nude scenes,Even though Bill and Sam had some. In the 2nd year,It wasnt So much Bill or Jason It was Sam and even Eric! Who can forget that “sex dream” of Sookie’s where she was lying down with Eric? Or the scenes with Sam and Daphne Or that scene with a younger Sam and Maryann?? Sookie and Tara have also done nude scenes and Eggs Talley had at least a couple,too! There are adult elements on the show such as nudity,sexual content,language, graphic violence and scenes involving substance abuse,But This Is HBO and it Is a good show!
    I have a feeling that this may be the best season yet!