VIDEO: SPOILER-True Blood Season 6 Finale-Behind the Scenes

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Inside True Blood Season 6 Finale:

True Blood's Season 6 Finale

HBO/Ryan Kwanten, Rob Kazinsky, Rutger Hauer

Well it goes without saying that there were probably many happy True Blood fans and many unhappy True Blood fans at the end of True Blood Season 6 Finale which aired on HBO last Sunday.

There was a lot to happen to be jammed packed into one episode, setting the stage for what to expect in Season 7. The attached video Inside the Episode #10, features some of the writers, and they give us the opportunity to find out what is in store for some of our favourite characters!

Source: YouTube-True Blood Season 6:Inside the Episode #10

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  • Antoinette Grant

    It’s a shame Sookie had a life liberating moment when she staked Bill only to be back with him in season 7. It’s okay to forgive but if she forgets everything he has ever done and entertain the thought of entering a new relationship with him it’s going to kill her character because that is what most viewers were tired of seeing Sookie forgiving Bill and finding ways and reasons to love him. The writers need to allow her character to grow up, heck I’ll even take her and Pam bonding in search of Eric.