VIDEO & SPOILERS: Season 6 Premiere: What Are Your Thoughts?

June 16, 2013 by  

Episode 1, Who Are You Anyway, Gets Fans Excited:

HBO's True Blood: Sookie stakes Billith in Episode 1 of Season 6

So Episode 1, Who Are You Really, has FINALLY aired. How good is it to have HBO’s True Blood back in you life? But, of course, there are more questions than answers with the new season.

Well, to tide you over until my official Episode 1 recap, here’s some video for you to watch. Firstly, we have the Episode 2 promo video. Next is a longer trailer that hints at what could eventuate further on in Season 6. Finally, we cap it all off with a wonderful video featuring Stephen Moyer (Bill/Billith). Moyer directed Episode 1 and he offers some wonderful insights into it (as well as some bits that didn’t make it to tonight’s episode).

Also, does anyone think that tonight’s death was the one Brian Buckner was hinting at in this article?

Source: YouTube – True Blood Season 6: Episode #2 Preview

YouTube – True Blood Season 6: Weeks Ahead Trailer

YouTube – True Blood Season 6: Inside the Episode #1

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)