VIDEO: Stars at the True Blood Wrap Party

July 3, 2010 by  

True Blood has now finished filming Season 3, so they just had their wrap party on July 1. The party took place at STK Steak House in West Hollywood. Enjoy the videos below of some of our favorite True Blood stars!

Alexander Skarsgard

Sam Trammell

Kristin Bauer

Todd Lowe

Denis O’Hare

James Frain

Grant Bowler

(This video is long, but it includes several True Blood stars, starting at the 1:22 mark with Danielle Harris, who is an actress but not on True Blood.)

  • SookieLove

    That popcandies song is so awful and scary sounding. Im going to have nightmares and thats what it going to be playing in the background 🙁

  • pbt

    Thank you again to the Sheriff Isis for posting these wonderful youtube videos.

    Yes, all of our Truebies were on hand for this wonderful event. Of course, I was glad to see that Alexander was on hand and having a great time.

    I believe his schedule in the upcoming months is going to be murder for sure. “Melancholia” starts filming in July in Sweden with director, Lars von Trier and then off to Hawaii for the shooting of the big budget film “Battleship” with Taylor Kitsch. Can anyone say Navy uniforms. Yummy for sure.

    All in all, all the TB actors are going to be very very busy indeed in the upcoming months.

    7 more days until the V-ddiction continues!

  • Nia

    It looked like a really fun and relaxing time for everyone. I was so sorry not to see Stephen and Anna. They are such a beautiful couple.
    I know how busy Stephen is with all his projects and interviews. Plus wanting to got to London to see his son. He is such a great papa.
    I do hope he can find time to rest but he does seem the type to thrive on constant activity.
    Heck of a metabolism.

    Thanks for posting Isis!!!!

  • lizzie1701

    Thanks Isis. It was great seeing them all, especially James Frain and Grant Bowler. Pity they all did not get the same air time as Alex, but watching 3 minutes of them smiling and hugging can be a bit tedious.

    It is a pity Stephen and Anna had to fly out so soon after wrapping, but Stephen has such a heavy schedule that he just could not fit everything in. I just love seeing those two dressed up and holding each other or their hands. Oh well, another time.

    • Hi Lizzie, you are so right. As many people were wondering where Stephen and Anna were, Stephen stated in the radio interview he was flying out to London then comes back to Detroit then San Francisco, then PEI (for Regis and Kelly) then Louisiana and don’t forget Comic-con. A very hectic schedule indeed. Hope he has time to catch his breath. 🙂

      • 😀 But Comic-Con means I have the chance to see him and the rest of the cast in person again! I can’t wait!

  • jaxx

    Isis, thank you so much. That was great. I love Alex in gray. His smile is just so hypnotic. Sam was great, sweet as always. Loved Denis, Grant, Kristen. All were very cool.

    That wasn’t you in the background getting pictures with everyone was it???

    • LMAO! Sorry, Jaxx, but nope. Not me! So far as I know, there may be one picture of me from Comic-Con last year in the signing line with Stephen and Rutina, but I’ve never seen it anywhere…

  • Loleaf

    You would think that Paprazzi Henry would actually know the actors names!! He said that Alexander was Stellan and that Sam was the best vampire on the series! Poser!! LOL!!

    • Loleaf

      Oh Thank You Isis for posting these!! 🙂