VIDEO: Stephen Moyer’s Appearance on Chelsea Lately

June 12, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer who portrays the sexy vampire Bill Compton on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood appeared on the Chelsea Lately show on June 10, 2010. As usual Stephen was charming and joked around with Chelsea as he answered some more personal questions.  Enjoy!

  • PBT

    Cute interview. Stephen is always so gracious. Nothing really new though. Would have loved to hear about the new season more and less about the relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I am glad they are happy together. I just was looking for more hard news rather than fluff. I like Chelsea Lately. Very funny show. I liked the interview she did with Ryan Kwanten last year. Very good also.

    34 hours and counting!

    • lizzie

      This was FANTASTIC! Come on – he only had 5 minutes and it was Chelsea’s show and she led the questions!! I was stoked to hear when the relationship was’ blessed’, because it more or less confirmed my suspicions! Stephen is such a funny guy and he really interviews well!

      Honestly, you liked the Ryan Kwanten interview on Chelsea? She killed him! She mad fun of him and laughed at his expense! I was totally embarrassed for Ryan!

      Thanks Adore Bill!

      • pbt

        Yes, I thought the Ryan’s interview was funny as ****. She wanted him to take his clothes off and run her hands all over that splendid body.

        I loved how he looked like Clark Kent in the interview with the heavy black rimmed glasses and the sweater. Was that on purpose or what?? I am not Jason Stackhouse. I am Ryan Kwanten. Anyways I found it amusing.

        But I usually like the most odd things.Like Viking Vampire sex in the dungeon. Bring it on!

        12 hours exactly lovers. Vddiction continues tonight.

        • Antonio

          Hi Pbt First off, I’d like to say that i’ve enjoyed reading your posts over these 9 months…Whoa! Has it been That Long?? LOL
          I’m gonna miss your V-Addiction countdowns! Thanks again for sharing with us. As to Chelsea show,I saw Sam Trammell on her show and i thought she was rude and obnoxious! She berated and mocked him on her show! I felt bad for him! Now i see here that she treated Ryan K. the same crappy way? Whats wrong with her??
          I saw Ryan K. on Conan O Brian once and He was treated Much better on That show!
          In fact He and Conan had a few laughs it was cool! But to take someone apart Just for “entertainment value”? She shhould be ashamed of herself!
          At least Conan and Jimmy have been civil to Anna and Sam

          Anyway Thanks Pbt for all your posts and input
          I Still think that Eric will play into this “abduction” of Bill thing Somehow! He did want Bill out of the way! Even if Lorena did or was contracted out to do it Eric Still had Something to do with it I think!
          ONLY 6 and a half hours to go!!!
          Just about 6 hours to go until Our V Addiction continues!!

  • He is just THE BEST INTERVIEW this show has got, other than Alan… and sometimes, even better than Alan. Hilarious.