VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Explains The Nature of True Blood

November 28, 2009 by  

In this video interview with Stephen Moyer taken back during the summer, Stephen explains the nature of True Blood.  Not only does he go into detail about the preparations he took in developing his character, vampire Bill Compton, but also the whole concept involved in creating the believable world of Bon Temps.  As usual, another very entertaining video interview with Stephen.


To watch the video click the link here.


  • Nia

    Oh God!!!!!
    Stephen can pull out my chair ANYTIME!!!!!!!
    I so agree Lizzie. Stephen is so personable, funny (lets not forget SMOLDERINGLY gorgeous)and always gives a great interview. The camera loves him and so do we!!!
    What a great video AdoreBill, Thank you!

  • Lizzie 1701

    What a fun loving guy! This man is so adorable! He cannot give a bad interview! I bet HBO are so proud to have Stephen on the team as he is such a PR magnet! The media just love him!!