VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Hints at Season 3 With Digital Spy

October 7, 2009 by  

Stephen Moyer sat down with Digital Spy to discuss the upcoming premiere of season 1 of True Blood in the UK. Stephen not only talked about the series but also discussed some season 3 goodies!  Click here to watch the video.


SOURCE:  Digital Spy

  • Nia

    God bless you Stephen You are an amazing person, actor and friend.
    Stephens interview was intelligent, inciteful and so well spoken. I am even more impressed with him (if that is possible). He showed his tremendous respect for his fellow actors. It goes beyond measure. Being the lead actor and yet professing all his support and love for his fellow cast as well as Alan Ball!
    This is a lesson learned to all those who dare to bash Bill/Stepehen in any way shape or form. Stephen saying how he respects and likes Alex so much, that they are very good friends! He even supports the triangle and with good reason! Good for him. Shows he is a true professional.
    I am glamoured for life!!
    I normally don’t say this but right now I am all about:

    But first and always Team True Blood!!

  • antonio

    He does seem like a nice guy. I’m sure they have loads of fun onset. A nicer “Vampire” you could want to meet! I think that the reason that his character Bill Compton is the Top Vampire these days is that he’s not given to self-absorbed behavior.He’s Not a narcissist like Eric Northman…Who seems to use humans just for his entertainment. Bill Is a vampire,No Doubt He can be given to fits of temperament,jealousy and moodiness However, He really Cares Very Much for His Sookie! He is troubled about being what he is He has somewhat of a conscience! He really doesnt want to be a bully! He clashes with Eric sometimes because Eric IS selfish and wants things His way!
    Bill can be kind,charming,sweet Eric Northman,on the other hand Why You could get More sweetness from a crocodile than you could from him!! LOL
    Go Team Bill!!

    • antonio

      I meant to say A Nicer Vampire you could Not want to meet.
      BC is just SO Cool!! I guess Eric is,too in his own way.

  • Lizzie 1701

    Stephen looks absolutely fantastic! He has a nice tan and his hair is longer! Yum!

    His interview was great – one of the better ones! Love how he complements his cast members! He is so professional about his opinion of the show and how it should proceed. As he said, you have to take what comes from the Writers and it has nothing to do with your personal life ie kissing and sex scenes. They are such a close knit family on set, so I guess it would be kind of easy to do those type of scenes.

    The more I see or hear of him, the more I love this man! I hope he has a beaut birthday this weekend!

    • antonio

      Hi Lizzie Yes he does look good those blonde streaks become him nicely. Well, I would like to wish All the best for he and Anna ,too and a Very Happy and Healthy Birthday to Him!!
      All the Best God Bless!!! I think that Mr.Moyer and the cast and crew realize something important That You Do the work, The Work Does Not Do You! This wonderful job is a Part of their life
      It Does Not Become their life! An admirable quality.

  • val

    Well that was a great interview!It sounds like they all have a great time being in the show,and they all seem to get along very well!Stephen sure looks better without his white war-paint on!