VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Interview With UK Media

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Stephen-Moyer-UK-Interview-NewTrue Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) sat down with in during his recent trip to the UK to talk about the premise for the show, which is now showing the first season on Channel 4.  Here is the video clip of this charming interview with Stephen:

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Can you give us the set up of the show?

True Blood is set in a town called Bon Temps and it’s down in Louisiana near Shreveport. It’s a fictional town with a bar that you obviously have to drive to because we’re in America and it’s kind of in the sticks. It’s called Merlotte‘s.  And in the first episode  and we get to see everybody who works in Merlotte‘s.  Everybody has something to do with Sookie, who is Anna Paquin’s character–Sookie Stackhouse. We know right from the off that vampires exist in this world so it’s sort of similar to ours, but vampires exist.  But nobody [in Bon Temps] has ever seen one. About 20 minutes into the first episode, in walks Merlotte’s first vampire.  Sookie is telepathic, she can hear people’s thoughts, so we already know this about her.  When he [Bill Compton] walks into the bar, when this vampire walks into the bar, she knows it’s a vampire straight away because all her life she’s been able to hear every single person’s thoughts that she’s ever come across, anyone she’s ever met, and suddenly there’s this presence, there’s this silence and she immediately knows that something is different about him. And she comes over to meet him and she can’t hear his thoughts, and for the first time in her life, there’s space, there’s …[pauses]… this.  He can also see that there is something different about her as well and that’s the attraction. He’s an outsider.  Bill is trying to live his life “mainstreaming”, living off Tru Blood…rather than feeding on humans, and so he’s different as well.  He’s an outsider ostracised by vampire society because he’s mainstreaming and trying to live like a human but he’s obviously also feared by the humans because he is a vampire, so he’s kind of the ultimate outsider and I think he can see that in her, that she’s an outsider too.

It’s a pretty bizarre prospect that you’ve got vampires living in normal society, how has this come about?

Yeah, I just explained that as if it was completely normal.

In the story, the Japanese invented a synthetic blood drink three years before, the idea being that the blood was invented for war use, or blood transfusions. And in so doing, the vampires have come out and said, “Look, we can drink this drink, we can drink this blood, and use it so that we don’t have to feed off humans….Then a drinks company marketed it as Tru Blood so that vampires could drink in normal bars like anybody else, and that hence is what Tru Blood is.

Interestingly, we were about ten episodes in, I think, and I was back to London, I’d come back to see my kids, and in the Daily Mail it was reported that scientists had invented synthetic blood.  And it’s made of plastic and…it will be able to be used in war situations if anybody is losing blood.  It’s like an O negative.  And they will be able to have it for emergency blood transfusions, because obviously it’s not perfect, but it will be enough to supplement.  Isn’t that mad?  Something like this, which you think is completely crazy, suddenly…. I emailed it to Alan and it was amazing timing because it was just as the marketing campaign was thinking of how they could do it.


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