VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Interview With the UK Mirror Part 2

October 8, 2009 by  

stephen-moyer-uk-mirrow-part-2Stephen Moyer who portrays Bill Compton on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood is doing a major publicity blitz in the UK for True Blood‘s premiere on Channel 4.  In Part 2 of the UK Mirror interview, Stephen discusses the strange fans mail that he receives, if there is any downside to the fandom and he admits that he tends to over talk and over share which sometimes can gets him into trouble.  He also discussed his upcoming 4oth birthday celebrations this coming Sunday and how he is looking forward to it.  A wonderful interview with the handsome and talented Stephen Moyer.  All True Blood fans would like to wish Stephen a very Happy Birthday and best wishes to him!  Enjoy the video!


  • Leslie

    This is the best! I have noticed that British interviewers are different than in the US, in a good way. Whether it is because they are more respectful or ask more insightful, interesting questions, IDK, but the result is the interviewee seems more relaxed and willing to speak more freely and fans get a wonderful glimpse of their real-life personality. Of course with Stephen it’s easy because of his penchant for “over talking”, but still this was the best I’ve seen of him. The fact that he looks so handsome (refuse to say “Hot”, though he is), doesn’t hurt. Well, actually it does!! Loved hearing about the Birthday party planned. Happy Birthday darling, 40 never looked so good (and I’m older than you.)

  • He is such a funny and honest man…Oh, and Sexy cute…Love his accent..(the southern one is hot,too!) Yippie! “Happy, Happy Birthday Stephen!!” The Big 4..0!!! Have fun!! Love You (not literally…sorta,though..) Geez, You’ll be like a Clint Eastwood…an older Hottie!! 50’s..60’s..70’s…ect…still Sexy… Really enjoyed the video!! Do more…

  • Nia

    Sweet, honest, genuine, handsome and a load of fun.
    40 never looked so good.
    You do us and the UK proud.
    Love you Stephen and
    Like a fine wine you get only better with age!

    As always, thank you AdoreBill.