VIDEO: Stephen Moyer On The Paul O’Grady Show

October 9, 2009 by  

stephen-moyer-paul-o-grady-showStephen Moyer is currently in the UK promoting True Blood airing on Channel 4 and while he is there he is busy doing the talk show rounds.  Stephen appeared on UK programme, The Paul O’Grady Show on October 8, where they discussed with great enthusiasm the show, the steamy scenes, the fascination with vampires and Scotch Eggs!  This British talk show was very entertaining due to how much was discussed and how knowledgeable Mr. O’Grady was about True Blood and how much fun Stephen and Mr. O’Grady had talking about the show.  We know all True Blood fans will enjoy this video immensely!

SOURCE: The Paul O’Grady Show

  • Nia

    What a riot!!!! This Paul O’Grady is absolutely hysterical!
    Of course Stephen is wonderful as always.
    My favorite part is when he calls Ozzy Osbourne the ultimate vampire!
    Then Stephen says that Anna gets up in the morning, has her cup of coffee and he bites her neck and feeds on her.
    He also says with regards to their sexy scenes, they practice alot at home!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky, lucky Anna!