VIDEO: Stephen Moyer on Regis and Kelly in PEI

July 14, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer was on Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 which was filmed in PEI.  Stephen was charming as always and discussed with Regis and Kelly season 3 of True Blood and of course, Anna.  Enjoy!

  • Antonio wolfman

    Oh and the joke about the “Canadian” wedding on skates? LMAO!
    Steve is So funny! What a sense of humor…Always like it!!

  • Antonio wolfman

    I saw this interview yesterday on tv. SM did look good. and PEI looks Great! Love all the talk about their seafood and their laid back kind of life…relaxed just seem to go with the flow!
    Both the farmer and the fishing boat man seemed really nice and hospitable! I’ve Always thought that Canada was nice…a place of wonder and enchantment…Mountains,Majestic views,Wilderness and such. Anyway Back to SM and the interview with Regis…
    I didnt care for that “narrow-faced” crack! I know that Reege didnt mean it with hostility but still what the heck??
    It was nice to hear him share a couple of stories with the audience about that house and the food “freezing” in the cold!
    It’s nice that he likes Canada,too!
    As for Anna being a Canadian well, as you say the Kiwis may take umbrage to that! LOL 🙂
    It was nice seeing him on the show but i felt the interview and his time on was much too brief!! It seemed he wasnt on with reege for very long!! needed more time to talk about PEI and the seafoood….Which I Loved hearing about anyway!!
    I thought it was just plain dumb the last question he asked Steve! When you fell off the horse did it hurt??
    Again What The Heck??
    Steve looked kind of nervous but he responded Yesss it diid!
    How stupid!! 🙂
    Anyway SM is probably my favorite actor on tv! It was nice to see him on Regis and Kelly show again! Liked the 1 last year too!

  • lizzie1701

    Thank you Adore Bill! What a beautiful man! Doesn’t Stephen look so handsome with his new hairstyle? His diggers are gone, but he still looks extremely handsome!

    What a lovely island PEI is, though it looks a bit windy!

    The Canadians are trying to claim Anna as one as there own, which I can understand, though I don’t know if the Kiwi’s would be happy with that!

    Anyhow, nice to hear Stephen talk about Anna and his relationship. Said he would not mind get married at PEI so as to get rid of the paps!! Funny! I an sure they would follow them there! Funny story about the food getting frozen when they went to that house and left the food out! lol!

    Anyhow, thanks again for my Stephen fantasy just before I go to bed!

    • lizzie1701

      Oh, his comment about Alan Ball and the weirdness inside his head then saying that it was not in a bad way! Love my Stephen!