VIDEO: Stephen Moyer in Sky TV Interview – Part 2

March 12, 2010 by  

As we mentioned before True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer was in the UK last week promoting season 2 of True Blood which is currently airing on the FX Channel.  While there he took the time to conduct an interview with Sky TV and this time we bring you part 2 of the interview.  In this segment Stephen discusses what we will be seeing in season 3 and the various supernaturals that we will be encountering including werewolves and working with real life wolves.  As always a great interview with Stephen that you are going to enjoy!

To view Part 1 of the interview click here.

To watch part 2 of Stephen’s interview with Sky TV click here.


  • Thanks Adore Bill, for this article and video clip. Our boy certainly knows how to conduct interviews! He sounds very excited about the wolves and the opportunity to work with them, though they do sound a handful!

  • jaxx

    Good interview. I’m glad AB is using real wolves. The CGI ones in Twilight were just ok. Real wolves will be so much better, imo. Season 3 is shaping up very nicely.