VIDEO: Stephen Moyer in Sky TV Interview – Part 1

March 9, 2010 by  

As we mentioned before True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer was in the UK last week promoting season 2 of True Blood which is currently airing on the FX Channel.  While there he took the time to conduct an interview with Sky TV and discuss the whole nature of True Blood, Bill and Sookie‘s relationship and as you will see he also gets hot talking about the sexual connotations in the show.

To enjoy this wonderful interview with Stephen click here.


  • Saucy Moffit

    Oh yeah, I forgot: Terry is good looking, too

  • Saucy Moffit

    Okay..I am so glad someone finally asked. Season 1 was sooo much better than Season 2. In season 1, Sookie was a woman who needed protecting and her relationship with Bill was built on that: he was her protector. In Season 2, Sookie was stronger and more aggressive than a whole town of vampires. I think she lost alot of her appeal.
    MaryAnn’s storyline was too long and too depressing. I hated her. She messed up so many other characters. Yet, Alan Ball must have seen something different. I think he was wrong.
    Stephen Moyer in Season 1 and in real life, is soooo sexy, he is incredible. Yet, in Season 2 his dark hair was all messed up. Someone, fix his hair.
    Soften Sookie up a bit, fix Bill’s hair, find a woman for Eric that is not Sookie, and don’t forget Jason and Sam (two extremely good looking men).
    Love the show and will, of course, watch Season 3

  • Antonio

    OK Season 1 Was better I’d agree. However, There were moments in S2 that were cool and memorable and kind of sweet. Jess and Hoyt, Sam and Daphne..Though shortlived. Eric’s loyalty and affection for Godric. Sookie is attacked by the maenad. Jess tricks Sookie into bringing her home and then she attacks her dad and Bill beaks the door down violently and comes in to glamor the family. SOOKIE: Bill Thank God you’re here BILL: Shut Up! How about this BILL: Little girl,I’m your friend I want to help you Invite me in!” MR HAMBY: DONT He’ll kill us All! Wow,Huh?
    I agree though the whole Maryann maenad I want to take over the town and corrupt thing got old fast! They should have put her away after Ep.5!! More of that time could have been given to Eric Or Sam Or even Andy!!
    S1 Was good its probably my favorite! The First several episodes are just Incredible!! I liked the whole Bill/Sookie/Sam thing! I liked how it was written. I liked the fact that Any1 could have been considered a suspect in the local murders! Bill,Sam and Jason Wow! I have to admit for a brief moment it looked like Sam might have been the killer,Especially after that Weird scene where he rolls around in Dawn’s sheets after her murder…just Creeps Me Out!!
    Its a shame that Sookie’s Gran was only in a few episodes!
    She seemedto be the Only level-headed 1 there in that backwater town! LOL S2 was cool and had some good moments But I agree Season 1 IS Better!! 🙂

    • jaxx

      Depending on how long this series runs, Gran may be back in flashbacks. It appears Gran had a secret of her own.

      • I certainly hope you’re right, Jaxx! Lois Smith was INCREDIBLE in the first half of season 1! I miss her!

  • jaxx

    I agree. Season 1 was so much better. Too much maenad in S2. I have high hopes for S3.

  • I love his take on the Sookie/Bill relationship. . That sexy scene together on ep1 – it was great, but severely butchered by the editors!

    He is trying to sell S2 to the Brits – S2 was nowhere as great as S1

    • Nia

      Hi everyone,
      What a teriffic interview. Stephen has such a great take on what is happening between all the characters, writers and directors. It is such a team effort.
      I enjoyed how he described Sookies and Bills relationship. How it evolved, not only sexually but in a sense that they are now so much more than that. They have acheived couple status. Working together to defeat evil, to help their friends and to also help each other and just be together.
      Of course there is also the triangle, the more prominant character of Eric and the wedge he will create between them.
      Cant wait for S3.
      As always,
      Thanks AdoreBill!